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Ningde Dongqiao management and guidance paid equal attention to the successful handling of paint business problems, The innovative performance of paint management and residents' life is encouraged to live in harmony according to the new national standard inspection content and project requirements provided by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center

slept on explosives every night

"after decades of hard work, I returned to the pre liberation days one night". When an industrial and commercial cadre of the industry and Commerce Bureau of Ningde Dongqiao Development Zone counted several fires caused by paint in his area, he could not help sighing

Dongqiao development zone is a new area in Ningde City, Fujian Province. In recent years, with the active real estate market in the zone, some paint shops began to operate paint

but it makes the nearby residents uneasy about sleeping and eating. "We sleep on explosives every night." Last year, Ms. Chen bought a commercial house in the real estate Plaza of Dongqiao development zone. She used to live comfortably. However, since she found that the paint shop downstairs was selling paint, she often worried about the safety of herself and her family: "the shop is full of flammable and explosive paint, and it is easy to explode in case of open fire; when it reaches its explosion limit, if you don't pay attention to it, the spark generated by pulling the light switch may have serious consequences." Ms. Chen's worry has also attracted great attention from Ningde City and the development zone government, industry and commerce, fire protection and other departments. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government have convened various departments to hold special meetings for research and deployment

according to the investigation of Dongqiao industrial and commercial bureau, there are nearly 20 paint shops operating (concurrently operating) in the area. Most of these paint shops are opened downstairs in residential areas, and they have not obtained the chemical dangerous goods business license. There are major fire safety hazards in the operation and storage. In the middle of July, 2004, a campaign to eliminate potential safety hazards and ban unlicensed paint shops was held in Dongqiao Development Zone to check whether the server display screen inside the machine was faulty; On. Within a few days, the Dongqiao industrial and commercial bureau banned 9 paint shops operating without a license, seized 650 boxes of paint and fined 6800 yuan

banning brought new troubles

"at that time, we didn't think too much about it. If you operated without a license, we would resolutely ban it." an industrial and commercial staff recalled. After a while, the complaints of paint operators were sent to Dongqiao industrial and commercial bureau: "what do we eat if we don't sell paint?" And consumers complain: "you have to go a long way to buy a bucket of paint."

at that time, the industry and commerce system of the whole province was carrying out team rectification. Dongqiao industry and Commerce Bureau set up a case clearance team. Zhuo Geng, the director, personally took the lead and organized the investigation of each case one by one. In August last year, they organized personnel from discipline inspection, legal affairs departments and professional ethics supervisors within the application scope of the film pendulum impact testing machine to go deep into the jurisdiction to pay a return visit to the parties involved in the case one by one

during the return visit, the parties involved in the case pointed out that Dongqiao Development Zone, as an emerging urban area, has a very prosperous real estate industry, and the paint industry is essential. However, it is very troublesome to go through the pre formalities for handling the chemical dangerous goods business license, and there are also problems such as expensive procedures for qualification certification and professional training. Some business operators are still selling paint in residential areas under the pressure of livelihood, and potential safety hazards still exist

pay equal attention to management and dredging

"Dayu's flood control focuses on Dredging"

in response to these new troubles, Dongqiao Administration for Industry and Commerce on the one hand increased publicity efforts to publicize laws and regulations such as the measures for the investigation, punishment and prohibition of unlicensed business to the parties involved in the case and paint operators; On the other hand, they cooperated with the fire department to organize paint operators to participate in fire training, coordinate and strive for the personnel of the provincial and municipal work safety offices to organize training courses in the Development Zone, so that paint operators can obtain the qualification certificate of hazardous chemicals practitioners, and also requested the management committee to coordinate with the district safety office and the provincial and municipal Safety Inspection Bureau, Give a clear reply to the business conditions and procedures required for the business households to apply for the business license for hazardous chemicals, and provide direct guidance and assistance to the process of handling the license

the operation site needs to be evaluated by the work safety department. The fire safety facilities of Ningde China Red home decoration materials wholesale market in Dongqiao development zone have been accepted to meet the standard, meet the management requirements of safe production and operation, and have the qualification to carry out large-scale paint operation. Dongqiao industrial and Commercial Bureau actively coordinated with China's red home market to free up special business premises, exempt paint operators from five months' rent, and reduce the preferential conditions for monthly store rent, so that paint operators can settle in smoothly

boss Pei of Ningde lipang lacquer store said happily that now that he has a work license and a business license, the store rent is cheaper, so he can do business at ease

this series of changes made the nearby residents smile: "now the market is standardized, the living is safe, and it is convenient to buy paint. You can shop around in the market and buy all at one stop. You don't have to run around any more!"

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