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Application of electronic information technology in glass machinery

how to apply electronic information technology to glass machinery equipment. The application of electronic information technology in glass machinery is embodied in the following aspects:

first, bus communication technology

when applying electronic information technology to glass machinery, the intelligent display terminal equipment can be used scientifically on the mechanical driving operation platform, the model of the terminal equipment and the type of machinery can be defined, and the corresponding communication lines can be reasonably built by using optical fiber cables, so as to ensure the generalization and standardization of the design of glass machinery equipment. For example, can bus technology can be built in the form of serial structure, and on this basis, the corresponding standard interfaces can be effectively set, so that the ECU (computer control terminal) installed inside the machine can exchange information with the general controller, control the machine in real time, and promote the accuracy of automatic operation. Generally speaking, in order to ensure the compatibility of electronic information technology applications, we can build a general standard based on the bus communication technology standard, effectively solve the problem of interface matching, and design the closed-loop control system, so as to completely eliminate the universality of 1064 nm laser

the second is man-machine interface technology

the operation of glass machinery needs to be based on human control, but with the progress and development of electronic information technology, the instrument panel is gradually replaced by electronic monitors, and the reality of information and data can be realized by the design of intelligent display terminals, which is conducive to promoting the updating and upgrading of interpersonal interaction interfaces. When applying electronic information technology in glass machinery, it is necessary to ensure the good human-computer interaction in order to give full play to the role of this technology, which requires the improvement of human-computer interface technology. At present, human-computer interface technology mainly applies intelligent display terminal equipment to form a perfect human-computer interaction interface, and controls the interface with the help of computer equipment. Combined with the actual information content, it automatically stores and realistic information data, which is convenient for the effective implementation of various management and control work, and improves the rough statistics of glass mechanization. It is found that about 67% of customers buy plastic bags

third, electronic equipment technology

electronic equipment technology is mostly used in glass machinery, and automatic control and monitoring systems are included in machinery, such as tractors. When it applies electronic information technology, it requires a high level of mechanical automation and intelligence, so it needs to be continuously completed. 1. Hydraulic material testing machine should be installed in temperature ⑴ 0 ⑵ 6 laboratory according to laboratory standards. Network technology and distributed control technology. Generally, the application of electronic information technology in large glass machinery equipment needs to be effectively incorporated into ECU, scientifically set up network communication protocol, and reasonably design standard interfaces, so as to realize the automation and intelligent control of machinery. Fourth, management decision-making technology. As a powerful guarantee for the realization of glass modernization, this technology is mainly to connect mechanical equipment with computers, use wireless communication technology to control and transmit the corresponding management system in real time, ensure the real-time and dynamic management, and promote the safety and efficiency of glass machinery production

managers can use the computer controlled by the center to strengthen the efficiency of information sorting and collection and analysis, so as to facilitate the rationality and scientificity of management decisions when processing remote data and scheduling the above situation. For example, when applying management decision-making technology in glass machinery, managers can use computers to operate and process relevant information, reasonably formulate production plans, transmit relevant information based on wireless communication technology, effectively analyze data information to identify mechanical operation faults, and take reasonable solutions on this basis to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment and promote the improvement of production efficiency

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