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Introduction to the new dignitaries of the world's large tonnage wheel cranes: the three star products of heavy machinery increased by 4.95% together, highlighting the comprehensive advantages of the first brand of technological innovation. In 2012, China's crane industry was still hovering in the shadow of the economic bottom, with general sluggish growth, and the industry situation was not happy. 3 Special (aliphatic/alicyclic) isocyanates: mainly including aliphatic/alicyclic isocyanates such as 6 methylene 2 isocyanate (HDI), isophorone 2 isocyanate (IPDI), 2 cyclohexylmethane (4), 4'-2 isocyanate (hmdi). In the face of brutal market competition, Sany crane worked hard and took multiple measures

-- Sany crane star products show the comprehensive advantages of the first brand in technological innovation

in 2012, China's crane industry is still hovering in the shadow of the economic bottom, with generally weak growth, and the industry situation is not optimistic. In the face of brutal market competition, Sany crane worked hard and took multiple measures to create good results

at the beginning of the year, Sany crane officially established a joint venture with parfiger, the world's first brand of truck mounted cranes headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, and officially entered the global truck mounted crane market. At the same time, the person in charge of Sany crane in the domestic and international markets said that it is booming, especially in the large tonnage wheel crane market. Many star products have become hot selling products in the industry as soon as they are listed, and sany crane has become a real "new power" of the global large tonnage wheel crane

I. strategic victory of high-end positioning

Sany crane is one of the core enterprises of Sany Heavy Industry, and officially entered the crane field in 2003. At that time, in China's crane market, large tonnage cranes, especially super large tonnage cranes, were almost monopolized by foreign brands. Domestic brands were mainly small and medium tonnage cranes, and the market was highly concentrated in Xuzhong, Zoomlion, Beiqi, and Yangtze River, accounting for more than 80% of the market share. "Do not grab food at the low end, but fight for face at the high end". Sany resolutely gave up small tonnage products with a market share of nearly 40% and focused on the R & D, manufacturing and sales of high-end, medium and large tonnage wheel crane series products. The smoothness of the film is mainly achieved by adding a smooth agent

in April 2007, a 25 ton crane was mass produced; In October, 2007, the 50 ton crane was introduced to the market; In August, 2008, the first domestic 220 ton all terrain crane with five axle chassis was offline in Sany; In 2009, Sany crane became the third national brand; In 2010, the first 1000 ton all terrain crane in Asia was successfully rolled off the production line. At present, Sany crane has formed a complete product type spectrum with five categories of truck mounted cranes, truck cranes, all terrain cranes, cross-country cranes and special cranes, covering more than 80 specifications and models of tonnage

with its precise high-end market positioning, Sany crane avoided the extremely competitive small tonnage field, broke through the tight encirclement in the brutal market competition, maintained the first place in the industry in terms of market sales growth for five consecutive years, formed an annual production capacity of more than 10000 units, and became one of the world's largest suppliers of wheeled crane equipment

II. Large tonnage star products are bright

with the continuous strengthening of the three core competitiveness of "R & D and process, lean and manufacturing, accessories and services", Sany crane continues to promote technological progress and innovation, and has launched a number of large tonnage products with market competitiveness. Once on the market, it has become a hot new product in the market - such as the first five bridge 100 ton crane stc1000c The first five bridge 220 ton all terrain crane sac2200, the first six bridge 350 ton all terrain crane sac3500, and the first thousand ton all terrain crane sac12000 in Asia

the main boom of stc1000c, the first five bridge 100 ton crane in China, is 60 meters, and the lifting height can reach 78.1 meters, which is nearly 11 meters higher than the same ton product in the industry; The new single cylinder bolt technology is adopted. The telescopic arm of the single cylinder bolt adopts multi-level pressure control, multiple telescopic balance valve cores, the mechanical and hydraulic double interlock mechanism of the cylinder pin arm pin, and the proprietary internal core tube technology to ensure the safer and more reliable performance of the equipment; Five axle special chassis, three axle drive, three axle steering, with a minimum turning diameter of no more than 22 meters; The original counterweight translation mechanism design can lift the lifting weight by up to 24%; The application of many intelligent innovative technologies, such as quantitative displacement, automatic telescopic system, fault diagnosis system and remote control technology, makes stc1000c become the focus of attention in the industry before it is listed

as the first domestic five bridge 220 ton all terrain crane with a lifting height of more than 100 meters, sac2200 has a main boom of 62 meters, a lifting height of 103.5 meters and a working radius of 86 meters; The main boom adopts a comprehensively optimized U-shaped large arc section, the bending modulus is increased by 15%, and the maximum lifting moment of the basic boom is 7271 kn m; Innovative 5-bridge design, with more obvious advantages in trafficability and transition; Jib 0~40 ° stepless luffing, hoisting expert system, anti overturning system, fault self diagnosis, using analytical mechanics design, a real-time calculation system of torque limiter is established, multiple protection, and the operation safety is significantly improved. The remarkable advantages in product performance doomed sac2200 to become a popular product of customers as soon as it was launched, and now it has become a fist product in the field of large tonnage products of Sany crane

the industry's first 350 ton all terrain crane with six bridges and six jibs has more significant competitive advantages: the main boom is 70 meters, the luffing jib is 78 meters long, and the lifting height is 136 meters; Equipped with Y-type super lift device, it can be installed without auxiliary crane, so that the lifting performance can be more than doubled; It can realize remote control operation, self disassembly and installation, and configure a variety of combined variable counterweights to meet the needs of different working conditions and maximize the performance of structural parts; The newly designed open-close hydraulic system, multi-level throttling, stepless speed change; Innovative six axle chassis design, one, three, five and six axle drive, full axle steering, and rear four axle electro-hydraulic assisted independent steering. Even if the mountain road turns 18, it can't stop the sac3500... The detailed performance data shows the unique competitive advantages of sac3500, and also establishes its leading market position in the field of large tonnage wheel cranes

as a self-developed landmark product, Sany Asia's first 1000 ton all terrain crane sac12000 has won constant praise in the industry and customer recognition for eight key technological innovations, from the design of the boom self dismantling device to the boom bending technology, and then to the counterweight modeling. With the basic arm length of 18.6 meters, the main arm of 102 meters is fully extended, 36000kn M lifting torque, 1200 ton maximum rated lifting capacity and 92 completed patent applications have been accepted, of which 58 utility models, 11 inventions, 4 appearances and 3 inventions have been authorized, and sac12000 has successfully passed the technical appraisal. This result announced that China's hoisting equipment manufacturing technology has entered the forefront of the world, and won the Gold Award for application contribution of "2011 China Construction machinery annual product Top50" with excellent product quality and excellent application performance

III. the troika of R & D, manufacturing and service drives brand improvement

R & D innovation is the soul of quality, lean manufacturing is the essence of quality, and upgrading service is the cornerstone of quality

in order to further improve the core competitiveness of products, Sany will invest 5% - 7% of the total sales revenue in R & D every year, and use the industry-leading R & D investment to build the industry-leading enterprise innovation strength; Sany Research Institute has integrated global R & D resources in the United States, Germany, Brazil and other countries, established an international R & D team of more than 10000 people, and has a national technology development center and post doctoral mobile workstation. A total of 4141 patents have been applied for and 2211 valid patents have been authorized

in order to ensure the first-class quality of products, Sanya Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the "digital factory" in 2009, using digital technology to simulate, evaluate and test the real layout and operation status of the factory in the future, and gradually extended from the factory, man-machine assembly, logistics simulation stage to digital manufacturing; The world's largest mobile crane testing ground and the most advanced frame test-bed have been built, making it one of the world's leading crane production platforms; At the same time, the implementation of measures such as the transformation of production organization mode, manufacturing technology reform and process quality control innovation has set a new benchmark for China's construction machinery industry - Sany lean manufacturing mode (SPS), leading a new round of innovation in China's construction machinery manufacturing field

everything is for customers, and everything comes from innovation. Sany crane has constantly refreshed the service standards of the crane industry, comprehensively upgraded the 211 service value commitment and 311 brand value commitment, launched the 360 degree all-round service guarantee system, and launched a vigorous service ten thousand miles activity nationwide. It has fulfilled its promise with action, and truly achieved the goal of "using paranoid attitude, exhausting all means, and achieving an unprecedented level of service", And for large tonnage launched a unique special service, but also to establish an unparalleled competitive advantage in service

it is understood that Sany crane has fully mastered the key manufacturing technologies of large tonnage cranes, such as hydro pneumatic suspension, single cylinder latch, can bus control, boom manufacturing, etc. The intelligent level and comprehensive performance indicators of products are leading in China. In particular, the industrial design of red star and its lifting performance far surpass that of similar products, the industry-leading super long main boom, the advantages of energy-saving and fuel-saving products, the value-added ECC system and strong service guarantee make Sany the brand with the highest satisfaction in the eyes of customers, and the competitive advantage of large tonnage wheel cranes is further highlighted

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