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Application of electromagnetic induction heating technology in plastic machinery

1. At present, the government advocates that all people save electricity and act together. At the same time, our current technology and production capacity can also meet the production of relevant customized products. According to the "analysis and suggestions on power supply and demand situation" issued by the Electricity Regulatory Commission, there are 18 provinces in power shortage. The main reason for this kind of phenomenon across the country is the lack of professional packaging technology in the domestic sealing machine industry at present. The cumulative power rationing has exceeded 140000 times, and the cumulative power rationing has reached 1.9 billion kwh. The power shortage has seriously restricted the development of China's economy. Therefore, the government vigorously supports energy-saving and environmental protection industries. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 1.6 million sets of plastic production machinery in China, increasing at a rate of 15% every year. The capacitance of the heating part is 20million kW, and the daily power consumption is about 20million kW × zero point five × 20 hours =200million kwh, (0.5 is the on-off ratio of machine heating, and 20 is the working hours of machine production in a day). Based on 300 working days per machine per year, the annual power consumption of plastic processing machinery in China is 60billion kwh. If all machines are equipped with electromagnetic heating devices, the national electricity saving is about 18billion kwh, which is 2.3 billion kwh more than the annual power generation of Gezhouba, which is helpful to alleviate the national power shortage, Reducing national investment and reducing production costs of enterprises have a very positive role and significance

2. At present, the competition in the plastic industry is very fierce. How to reduce the product cost and improve the competitiveness of products is a core problem faced by every enterprise, which also increases their difficulties in selecting surface roughness when working on experimental machine parts. While electric energy accounts for a large proportion of the product cost in the plastic industry, the use of electromagnetic heating technology can effectively reduce the production cost of enterprise products and improve competitiveness

current situation and existing problems of domestic plastic industry

a. current situation of product application industry:

plastic products, plastic film, plastic granulation, wire drawing and injection molding, pipe and other production enterprises. At present, the production equipment of these enterprises uses electric heating rings to heat the barrel and die head, melt and plasticize the plastic raw materials, and then inject, stretch and extrude them into products

b. existing problems:

(1) large heat loss: the heating method adopted by existing enterprises is wound by resistance wire, the inner and outer sides of the circle are heated, and the heat on its inner surface (close to the barrel part) is transmitted to the barrel, while most of the outside heat is lost to the air, resulting in the loss and waste of electric energy

(2) ambient temperature rise: due to a large amount of heat loss, the ambient temperature rises, especially in summer, which has a great impact on the production environment. The on-site working temperature exceeds 45 ℃, and some enterprises have to use air conditioners to reduce the temperature, which in turn causes secondary waste of energy

(3) short service life and large amount of maintenance: due to the use of resistance wire for heating, its heating temperature is as high as 300 ℃, which will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the extruder industry. The resistance wire is easy to burn out due to high temperature aging. The service life of the commonly used electric heating ring is about half a year. Therefore, the maintenance workload is relatively large

2. advantages and characteristics of electromagnetic heater

a. good energy saving effect

compared with the original resistance wire heating ring, the power saving effect is more than 30%. Compared with different raw materials and different products, the power saving effect changes. However, among the products that have been used at present, the maximum power-saving efficiency can reach 75%

b. good environmental protection effect

can significantly reduce the ambient temperature

c. long service life

the continuous operating temperature of the heating ring is only about 100 ℃, and there is no problem of replacing the heating ring. Compared with the original resistance wire heating, the secondary input is reduced

d. it can increase the product output

due to the high heating efficiency of the product, it can significantly reduce the heating time and improve the product output

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