Application of the hottest electric grinder

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The purpose of the electric grinder

electric grinder

reciprocating electric polishing grinder (also known as file grinder). It is widely used in precision machining and surface polishing in the mold industry. It is a substitute for similar pneumatic products

the main outstanding features are as follows: 1 Using power supply to provide power, there is no need to provide air pump, which can not only avoid the trouble caused by factors such as air source, but also save production costs for users. 2. Long journey, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The stroke of imported pneumatic products of the same kind is only 0 7mm, and the stroke of the product can reach 1mm. Due to the more optimized structural design, the maximum power is only 15W. Light weight, low noise, easy to carry. 3. Economical and practical. The price of this product is only a fraction of that of imported pneumatic products, which greatly reduces the use cost of users. 4. Sufficient accessories and convenient maintenance

dmj-01a main technical parameters power supply: ac90v-240v/50hz-60hz power: pmax=15w

purpose of electric grinder

motor speed: r/min

round collet: Ф 3 flat collet: δ 1MM、 δ 3mm

b, electric linear polishing and grinding machine ydmj-01a model: ydmj-01a power: 18 (W)

scope of application: mold, engraving speed: 15000r/min this product inherits the relevant advantages of pneumatic repair, which is about 1/3 lower than the level of about 740 kg/m2 in traditional concrete houses. It uses a special 12V power supply as the power, and the input power is only 5W (max), which is not limited by the site. It is extremely convenient to use and environmentally friendly (zero emissions), The construction investment of gas source is exempted. The huge parameter noise of how to select universal metal material testing machine caused by pneumatic grinding pen is completely eliminated. The rotational speed of the product is divided into four gears, I =9000 rpm, II =10000 rpm, III =12000 rpm and off. It is safer to use low-voltage power supply, and the maximum grinding wheel diameter Φ 3mm, maximum emery correction wheel diameter Φ 3mm。 The grinder uses power supply as power, and does not need to provide relevant air source. It has low noise, light weight, and the rotating speed can reach 15000r/min. It is mainly used for the exquisite grinding and polishing of molds and the fine carving, polishing and polishing of handicrafts in handicraft factories

c, electric engraving and grinding machine ydmj-01b model: ydmj-01b input power: 27W no-load speed: 12000 (RPM) speed change mode: stepless speed change polishing wheel diameter: 5 (mm) weight: 200 (kg) scope of application for small parts requiring fine machining

for polishing, grinding and correction of small parts requiring fine machining

multi function electronic engraving machine: it is a new type of small engraving machine, which can be used in wood, bamboo Carving, grinding and polishing machines on soft and hard materials such as plastic, metal, stone, jade, ceramics and glass are labor-saving, time-saving and convenient. They are more widely used than computer carving machines and are easy to carry

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