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The application of electronic inclination sensor in tower crane monitoring

with the development of the construction industry, the degree of mechanization of construction has increased year by year. As a machine that can transport materials vertically and horizontally, tower crane (tower crane for short) has been widely used in the construction industry, especially because of its high lifting height, large lifting weight, large working range and other characteristics. However, due to the large structure of the tower crane and the high-altitude operation, the tower crane overturning accident is easy to occur. These accidents not only affect the progress of construction, but also bring huge losses of life and property to the country and people

at present, tower cranes are equipped with safety limit devices, mainly including the friction force limiter between lifting and lowering tools and workpieces, lifting torque limiter, amplitude limiter, lifting height limiter, and rotation limiter. The function of the safety device is to automatically cut off the power supply once the tower crane exceeds the set value during use, so as to prevent the occurrence of tower crane accidents. We have started mass production, which leads to the overturning of the tower crane. More importantly, the inspection of the hidden dangers of the tower crane is not in place. Although the tower crane is installed with a safety limit device, the existence of some hidden dangers can not be checked, which aggravates the risk factors in hoisting or under specific circumstances, and finally leads to the overturning of the tower crane due to the excessive inclination of the tower body. Therefore, how to effectively detect the inclination of the tower before and during use, and timely alarm when the inclination is greater than a critical state can effectively prevent the occurrence of tower crane overturning accidents

in the anti overturn monitor of tower crane, the main part is the inclination measuring device. The function of inclination measuring device is to measure the inclination angle of tower body in real time. Since the inclination change at the top of the tower is very small, the sampling frequency of the inclination measuring device should be 0 Within the range of Hz, the measurement accuracy is higher than 0.05 degrees. At the same time, the noise caused by tower top vibration should be filtered out to ensure reliable communication and accurate judgment

Shanghai Fuli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed an inclination sensor suitable for measuring the inclination of the top of the tower crane. The sampling frequency of the sensor reaches 3Hz, and the measurement accuracy reaches 0.02 degrees, It transmits information through a variety of communication interfaces with the outside, including RS232, 4~20ma and other signals, which is completely suitable for the anti overturn alarm requirements of tower cranes. (end)

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