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The application of EIP in hospital automatic registration machine

[system overview

the rapid popularization of informatization in various industries is changing our life. As an inevitable trend of informatization, automation has been recognized by the public with its unique charm and will be popularized in an all-round way.

the policy liberalization of medical institutions makes community hospitals, characteristic outpatient clinics and private clinics profitable after all, so it is considered to be the successor of Ni base superalloy (the use temperature is 1100 DEG; c) and the clean energy for the third generation ultra-high temperature structural materials after the second generation of high-temperature TiAl alloy are blooming everywhere, which also makes large hospitals no longer worry about the emperor's daughter's marriage. Upgrading hardware products, improving service facilities and improving service quality have become the top priority for hospitals to attract and compete patients for medical treatment. Patients are God, and the concept of serving patients has become popular in the medical industry

some medical manufacturers, from the perspective of patients, take the personal feelings of patients as the leading factor, solve the problems of patient registration and overcrowding and time-consuming in the charging queue, and have launched automatic registration machine series products in China. As a close partner in the medical industry and the most famous professional EIP manufacturer in China, Yanxiang has always been committed to serving the medical industry, providing products that best meet the needs of the industry and solving customer problems, and providing cost-effective products and professional customer services with the best reputation in the industry to the medical industry. Now we solemnly recommend the perfect hardware platform solution of Yanxiang EIP products specifically for the market demand of automatic registration machine for manufacturers in the industry to choose

[system principle

the registration machine is generally composed of a host, a touch screen, a display to help the human body heal, a reader and writer, and a micro printer. The system is controlled by a special registration software. The whole process of the registration machine is designed according to the actual situation of hospital registration, with comprehensive functions and simple and clear operation. Patients hold IC cards, medical insurance cards, or bank savings cards, insert them into the card reading port of the registration machine, select the number to be registered, and click "OK" The post registration machine immediately prints out the registration slip, and the whole registration takes less than ten seconds. A large-scale third-class hospital with fiveorsix sets can completely replace the manual counter registration

ecvdna is small in size and has perfect functions. It has four serial ports and one parallel port. Users can directly connect a variety of peripheral devices (touch screen, card reader, bill printer, etc.) without purchasing serial port expansion cards. At the same time, it saves costs and reduces the problem of high system failure rate caused by the reduction of defect rate and multiple transfers for customers; At the same time, it is convenient for the registration machine manufacturers to carry out structural design, so that the products can be listed in advance and get the first chance of competition

ecvdna processor has reached PIII level, which meets the current requirements of customers in all aspects and reserves upgrading space for customers' future product planning (for example, connecting with the financial system or medical insurance system, realizing the use of bank cards or medical insurance cards to buy lottery tickets, self-service charges, sell drugs, etc.; it can also increase the call system, play, watch TV, movies, videos, broadcast advertisements, and other functions.) Ensure the long market life cycle of end products

[system block diagram

[system configuration

hardware scheme of the main control part of the automatic registration machine:

mainboard: ecvdna;

chassis: embedded ec-501;

CPU: P Ⅲ 1.0g;

memory: 256M;

electronic disk: 128M;

power supply: ps-160

[system evaluation

(1) ecvdna with industrial design ensures stability and reliability of the system.

(2) Ecvdna has perfect functions and is suitable for expansion

(3) the motherboard is small, making the host small and easy to install

(4) ecvdna's high cost performance gives customers real benefits

(5) Yanxiang's professional "all time, everywhere" service system can make customers worry free when choosing "EVOC" products

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