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Food flexible packaging, diversified forward

normal> food production enterprises' demand for flexible packaging, food users' demand for packaging is nothing more than sanitary demand. Therefore, food production enterprises are concerned about whether the material selection meets the sanitary certification standards, and the assembly and testing of all systems are completed in our factory in Jinan. Moreover, considering that the domestic food packaging safety certification is not particularly mature, Unilever will not consider packaging materials with only GB certification

normal> the general requirement is that as long as the materials in direct contact with food, whether single-layer structure or composite structure, including additives, glues and printing inks, must pass the relevant certification standards of FDA or EU. Otherwise, even the most competitive price will not be selected. If possible, we will choose the most reasonable structure and materials instead of the most expensive or cheapest packaging materials. Realizing this requirement is also very simple. First, whether the flexible packaging has the barrier property or moisture-proof property or other properties required by food; Second, whether flexible packaging can ensure that the shelf life of food reaches the predetermined standard; Third, whether the flexible packaging has machine adaptability, that is, whether it can meet the strength or other performance required by factory production; Fourth, whether flexible packaging can meet the market demand, because the market demand is from the needs of consumers

The stability of food quality comes not only from the stability of food itself, but also from the stability of packaging quality. This is not simply a mere formality of ISO or other standards can be represented, it comes from the management and implementation of suppliers; With the development of the global economy, the needs of consumers are also changing and developing, which leads to the change and development of products and packaging provided to consumers. Moreover, the development of packaging should be ahead of consumer demand, so as to drive and lead consumption. This requires one thing: innovation. As mentioned above, the direction of innovation must be to make consumers more convenient to use

Of course, there is another premise here: innovation must also provide better profit space for enterprises. Corresponding to the market demand, the speed of flexible packaging development must also be accelerated. Good service not only comes from quality, but also how to provide the most qualified packaging products in the shortest time. The market will never wait. The first is the winner

normal> development trend of food flexible packaging in order to meet various functional requirements of food, more and more new materials have been developed, which can provide better protection functions while reducing costs; A fatal defect of flexible packaging is that it cannot have resealing performance like covered containers. Although there are certain flexible packaging with resealing function on the market now, such as jelly flexible packaging with cover, both the supplier's technology and food manufacturers will be deterred from the high cost caused by this kind of packaging; Another kind of resealed packaging on the market is zipper bag packaging, which can not be used in bag types such as organ bags, except for the sealing property that needs to be discussed

normal> therefore, how to realize the resealing performance and how to transform the equipment to produce corresponding products with a small investment has become an urgent result; We hope that China's food hygiene standards can be more perfect and systematic. At the same time, we also hope to see the production of food and packaging materials that meet the hygiene standards from the source of materials. Security requires law, but also trustworthy standards and integrity. Another major defect of flexible packaging is the lack of stiffness. Thus, the shelf display effect of hard packaging is missing. The direction of improvement is to achieve better stiffness through the improvement of the performance of the material itself or the packaging form, or to achieve the corresponding effect with other hard packaging materials? These are waiting for non professionals not to operate and debug the equipment easily. Once the machine produces abnormal conditions, it should be further studied and explored in flexible packaging enterprises

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normal>l bag tea series


normal> including the world-famous Lipton yellow label black tea bags and Lipton Chinese tea bags series, which contain a variety of flexible packaging materials. The bag of tea displayed in front of consumers consists of four packaging materials. One is a paper tag weighing about 200 grams, which is die-cut and wound into rolls after 6-8 color flexible printing; Second, Professor Cai Xingwang, Department of physics, Shaoguan University, Guangdong Province, made a special report on the utilization of nanocomposites in automotive exhaust purification, which is cotton thread; Third, special filter paper for tea bags; Fourth, metal aluminum nails. Almost all these materials now rely on imports, and each material has passed the FDA certification, which fully ensures the safety of food, because food safety, to a large extent, depends first on the health and safety of packaging materials

normal>l high quality loose tea series


normal> Lipton brand produced three Chinese flavor loose tea in 2004, including Lipton jasmine tea, Lipton Maofeng and Lipton Tieguanyin tea. The packaging of these three types of tea adopts roof type cartons and has a leaf like windowed structure. Inside is a windowed vacuum aluminized bag with the latest packaging technology, which is an organ bag


normal> in order to meet the market requirements and design needs, the problems in developing this kind of bag at that time mainly include: first, the final determination of the whole window structure. In China and even the world, the process of washing aluminum through special process (chemical principle) is not particularly mature. The transparent part of the sample has certain defects. After many attempts with suppliers, it has finally achieved satisfactory results; Then, in order to achieve better packaging effect, transparent materials must be used. Finally, CPP materials with heat sealing and excellent transparency are selected to be used in specific environment; The third problem is that the window opening structure of the bag must be exactly aligned with the window opening of the roof box. The characteristic of tea is that after transportation, there will be certain fracture lamination, and the volume will be reduced

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