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Don't let paper "increase difficulties" for the development of the newspaper industry

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"pessimism also permeates the PE market

core tip: Recent "Due to the particularity of the mechanical properties of polymer materials and the special use of flexible packaging materials, the thickness of the samples tested for flexible packaging materials is very thin. For more than a month, the domestic paper price has increased continuously, which has led to the rapid rise in the price of papermaking raw materials, and even the shortage of" one product is hard to find ".

[China Packaging News] For more than a month, domestic paper prices have risen continuously, which has led to the rapid rise in the price of paper raw materials, and even the shortage of "one product is hard to find"

some insiders' image description: originally, someone sent waste paper to the factory. Now, facing the interview price, I'm lucky to be able to mention the goods

the huge fluctuations in the domestic paper market in the short term. On the surface, the most direct factor is the recently tightened environmental protection policy, which leads to the "grain shortage" of imported waste paper, thus triggering a series of chain reactions. From a deeper perspective, this is also related to the survival of the paper market for many years

in the past five years, the number of paper mills producing paper in China has decreased significantly from nearly 20 in 2012 to only five remaining. The paper output has also declined from more than 3.7 million tons/year at that time to 1.65 million tons this year

this change, China's aviation aluminum alloy thick plate also depends on import, which is inevitably related to the change of the overall living environment of traditional media. The transformation of the newspaper industry has led to the reduction of paper consumption year after year, the rise in raw material prices and the tightening of environmental protection policies have made it difficult for the paper mills, and the transformation and exit has become a natural market choice

but it must be pointed out that paper is different from ordinary paper and is a strategic material of special significance. Once there is a problem in the source of paper production, the safety of newspaper publishing will be seriously affected

as we all know, in recent years, the newspaper industry has been struggling in the dilemma of transformation. Although some newspapers have stopped publishing and reduced their editions, they are still full of confidence in the future as a whole. If at this time, the paper market fluctuates greatly, it is bound to add more costs and pressure to the already difficult newspaper industry. The continuous rise in paper prices will add real difficulties to many newspapers

stabilizing the paper market and not letting paper make it worse for the development of the newspaper industry has become an urgent appeal of both paper and newspaper companies, as well as the whole industry and society. Through the cold winter, we need the cooperation and understanding of both sides, and more importantly, the support and assistance of the government and management departments

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