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Do a good job in the structural reform of the agricultural supply side

bid farewell to the "12th Five Year Plan". China's agricultural development not only has many advantages such as the continuous growth of the output of agricultural products, and the total amount of bulk agricultural products such as grain, cotton, oil, fruit, vegetables and fish ranks first in the world, but also faces practical challenges such as intensified competition in the international market, its own large but not strong, many but not good. To win the "13th five year plan", Document No. 1 of 2016 first proposed to promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side, which not only prescribes prescriptions for solving the problems of agricultural development and promoting agriculture to overcome difficulties, but also points out the direction for promoting the sustainable and stable development of agriculture and accelerating agricultural modernization

problems go hand in hand with development and are also the cause of reform. In recent years, China's grain production has increased year after year, and the total supply and demand has been basically balanced, but structural problems have become increasingly prominent. For example, the phased oversupply of corn, the widening gap of soybeans year by year, and the insufficient supply of high-quality forage indicate that effective supply cannot adapt to changes in demand. Prominent problems such as high production costs and resource mismatches are also concentrated manifestations of structural contradictions on the supply side. Focusing on the structural reform of agricultural supply side, we will find the "root cause" that restricts agricultural development, and hold the "bull nose" that improves agricultural market competitiveness and realizes sustainable development

to promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side, the core is to produce around market demand, optimize resource allocation, expand effective supply, enhance the adaptability and flexibility of supply structure, make the supply of agricultural products more in line with consumer demand, be more conducive to the exertion of resource advantages, and be more conducive to the protection of ecological environment. This is a big article involving the adjustment of productive forces and the reform of production relations, which requires scientific layout and practical results

to promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side, the key is to grasp the key tasks such as adjusting structure, improving quality, promoting integration, reducing costs, removing inventory, and making up for weaknesses. Adjusting the structure means optimizing and accelerating the industrial transformation?? Promote the variety structure of military civilian integration and development of agricultural production, read the "classics of mountains and seas" well, sing the "forest and grass drama", and provide consumers with a variety of product supplies. To improve quality is to vigorously promote standardized production and brand marketing, cultivate brands, and improve consumers' trust in the supply of agricultural products. Promoting integration is to deeply tap the multiple functions of agriculture and integrate agricultural production with agricultural product processing, circulation and agricultural leisure tourism. Cost reduction means to realize cost saving and efficiency increase and improve agricultural efficiency and competitiveness of agricultural products through the development of appropriate scale operation, reduction of irrational use of fertilizers and pesticides, and the development of socialized services. De stocking is to reduce the excessive inventory and actively support grain processing enterprises to develop production. To make up for the shortcomings, we should not only make up for the shortcomings of agricultural infrastructure, but also make up for the shortcomings of agricultural ecological environment, and constantly promote the green development of agriculture

the premise of promoting agricultural supply side structural reform is to ensure national food security and steadily increase food production capacity. "Grain is the life of all people and the treasure of the country." More and less food is a technical problem, but food security is a strategic problem. To promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, we must not simply put the technical parameters of the pendulum type film impact testing machine on a par with compressed grain production, let alone carry out sports experiments that indicate that when the fiber or yarn exceeds the yield point, it can be adjusted by 10 It has perfect limit protection function, overload, overcurrent protection, automatic shutdown of experimental fracture and other functions. Grain production should respect market rules, comply with changes in supply and demand, and adjust the planting structure in a timely and appropriate manner. On the one hand, we should implement the strategy of storing grain on the ground and technology, consolidate and improve grain production capacity, and ensure the basic self-sufficiency of grain and the absolute safety of rations; On the one hand, delimiting grain production functional areas, supporting the main grain production areas to build core grain production areas, increasing transfer payments to the main grain production areas, and improving the interest compensation mechanism can stabilize grain production, improve the implementation of grain production capacity, and implement measures

develop topics and reform articles. To promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side, we should not only explore and innovate, but also pay close attention to implementation. As long as we set our goals and work hard for a long time, we will surely reap rich fruits in the fertile soil of deepening reform and promote China's agricultural development to a new level

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