The world's first organic paper is successfully de

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The first organic paper in the world has been successfully developed.

it is reported that the researcher experimental machine of Viterbo University in Italy has received the experimental instructions, sample number, sample size and other sample information transmitted by the superior computer, and the sample informant has developed the world's first completely non-toxic and pollution-free organic paper. This has become an important achievement of Italian biotechnology and will help to restructure the country's paper industry. One article understands the trend of automotive materials | steel is still the main light materials, and it is difficult to reverse

it is understood that the main raw materials of this organic paper are plant fibers from wheat, corn and other cereals. Using special biochemical technology, paper with strong permeability, yellowish color and plant fragrance is produced. Special attention should be paid to the inspection flavor when determining PS. Viterbo university has signed a contract with Italian Biochemical Company to open a factory in the south of the country to produce and sell organic paper

in view of the increasing popularity of the concept of environmental protection, as well as the current situation of serious pollution and high production costs in the traditional paper industry, relevant experts believe that there are great business opportunities for mass production of this kind of organic paper conducive to environmental protection

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