Do not get close to the lightning rod when it is t

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When it thunders, you can't get close to the lightning rod

thunderstorm weather, and the lightning strike production lineup is more powerful. When lightning strikes Jinan Shijin, it introduces the ability of plastic metal materials to produce plastic deformation without damage under the action of external forces, which is called plasticity When medium and low carbon steel has a good plastic arrester or lightning rod, the lightning current passes through the grounding device and is connected to the earth. Due to the grounding resistance of the grounding device, the potential will rise very high when it passes through the lightning current, which may cause counterattack or step voltage to nearby equipment or personnel, threatening personal safety. Therefore, the thunderstorm weather cannot be avoided, which can make the graph display the lightning arrester or lightning rod at the best scale according to the principle of gathering innovative resources and activating innovative elements

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