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The China IOT development trend forum was successfully concluded in Beijing

on November 19, 2010, the Beijing event of the China IOT development trend forum hosted by Advantech was successfully held at the Park Plaza Beijing hotel. At the meeting, Mr. niguangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Mr. Li Bin, deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology software and integrated electronics such as the dirty road between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston promotion center, Professor Wang Zhiliang of Beijing University of science and technology, Professor Wu Wenzhong of Taiwan University, Mr. Shaoling, senior manager of IBM China Research Institute, and other experts and scholars in IOT were invited as guests. At the same time, Mr. Wu Mingqin, global general manager of Advantech industrial automation group Mr. Cai Qinan, general manager of China, and Mr. Li Shouren, general manager of Yanhua green energy business department also attended the event

the scale of the conference was more than 300 people, in an orderly manner and full of seats

Mr. Cai Qinan, general manager of Advantech industrial automation business group in China, delivered an opening speech. The main purpose of this IOT forum is to unite talents from all walks of life, such as industry, government, University and research, to explore and popularize the trend of IOT and automation in the next development stage; First, guests from all walks of life will make relevant introductions and round table discussions on the theme of IOT, and then share solutions in four industries. I hope all of you can come back with a full load to achieve the important significance of promoting the continued progress and in-depth implementation of IOT in the field of industrial automation

academician Ni Guangnan of the Chinese Academy of engineering, as a senior expert and scholar in the IT industry, combined with many years of work experience and forward-looking ability to the development and change of the times, and through the analysis of the role and significance of IOT in the field of practical application, he gave positive opinions that IOT will inevitably become a new round of development opportunities in the future. Li Bin, deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, introduced the current situation that the industrial income of the software industry has exceeded trillion and increased nearly 20 times in the ten years since 2000, emphasized the inevitable trend and important position of the development of the information society, and analyzed in detail the construction policies and plans formulated by the state to realize the information society. Mr. Shaoling, senior manager of IBM Industrial Research Institute, focused on the technical challenges in the large-scale deployment of IOT applications, and briefly introduced the three challenges encountered by IOT in practical applications: the cost and maintenance of wireless communication, the management of IOT applications, and the safety and reliability after IOT applications. Professor Wu Wenzhong, from the intelligent life center of Taiwan University, introduced the specific applications of IOT in intelligent life such as outdoor tourism, medical monitoring, environmental protection, and showed the convenience of IOT concept in real life. Professor Wang Zhiliang from Beijing University of science and technology has been committed to promoting the popularization of IOT teaching on campus. At the meeting, he strongly called on the educational community to keep up with the development trend of IOT communication and teaching, and advocated that everyone pay attention to IOT and learn and grow together

in the solution sharing stage, relevant principals from many automation sales enterprises and system integrators shared practical application solutions in intelligent buildings, intelligent electricity, intelligent environment monitoring, intelligent transportation and other industries. Throughout the forum, guests and participants had good on-site interaction and communication, and IOT applications were vividly presented. It can be said that in the current public opinion environment with IOT topics flying all over the world, this IOT forum has played an important role in further extending the topic to reality, making IOT no longer a general topic

the forum held a media conference on the development strategy of Advantech IOT at the same time, and more than 20 media attended and exchanged views. Mr. Wu Mingqin, global general manager of Advantech industrial automation group, introduced the growth history of Advantech automation and how to seize the opportunity of one-stop service in the era of IOT to provide consumers at the first time to formulate the development strategy for the next stage: Advantech was founded in 1983, how to detect seamless steel pipes at present? With more than 4000 employees worldwide, it has always been a leading manufacturer in the field of industrial computers and industrial automation; It has the world's largest market share in the industrial computer market and is the only Chinese enterprise on the list among the world's top 50 industrial automation enterprises. In the future, Advantech, as a global enterprise, will give full play to its influence and appeal in the industry, devote itself to being the promoter of smart earth, take greater China homeland as the foundation, and look at the global market, and deeply cultivate the three major fields of IOT, automation system module and smart new life. I believe Advantech's future will be broader and more brilliant

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