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Baomeng launched a new sensor using frequency scanning technology

baomeng launched a new sensor flexlevel switch 4101 using frequency scanning technology, which experts in the industry believe. The equipment can be used to detect the level of liquid, viscous fluid and drying medium

since the sensor head is not only smooth but also small in size, it will not adhere to viscous media, thus reducing the error to a very low level. The level switch is suitable for overflow protection, low level detection, dry turn protection, phase separation and other applications. It can be installed at any position, even at points that are difficult to access. Flexlevel switch 4101 can be easily set on PC through flexprogrammer 9701

the first wire of the transmitter changes the operating procedures of the experimental machine and the working conditions of the equipment. The coherent introduction first sweeps the frequency, and then emits a microwave with phase shift, which depends on the medium. The electronic switch is triggered when it is in contact with a medium whose dielectric constant (DC) exceeds the selected range. Due to its high sensitivity in the large induction range of DC from 1.5 to more than 100, the device can be used to detect the level of various powders, particles and liquids. Even polyamide particles, paper and other substances that are difficult to detect can be reliably detected. Using the self-learning function of the sensor, the switching point can also be adjusted for viscous media

flexlevel switch 4101 is installed in a stainless steel housing, so it is particularly strong and corrosion-resistant. It is not only very simple to install, but also can be easily sealed with Tefu different materials and different clamps. This switch can be used to fill, store and buffer tanks, realize the functions of real-time uploading of collected data and real-time issuing of control instructions, limit level detection, dry running protection of pumps, and phase separation of oil-water mixtures in wastewater treatment plants. Level switches are suitable for all water treatment applications, as well as all other non food industrial applications. Because its response time is only 0.1 seconds, the sensor can still achieve reliable level detection even for the rapid filling process. The standard level sensor is provided with G, g3/4 and G1 process connections, and is equipped with M12 plug or solid cable connection. If necessary, other process connection and housing materials can be provided

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