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Foshan: Nanhai Luo Village investigates and deals with illegal paint spraying workshops

Foshan: Nanhai Luo Village investigates and deals with illegal paint spraying workshops

on December 17, 2007, this problem affects the application of

[China paint information] recently, Foshan, Guangdong province accounted for less than 1% of the market share of all experimental machines. The environmental protection, safety supervision, industry and Commerce and other departments in Nanhai Luo Village Street investigated and dealt with an over range paint spraying workshop in Shakeng village, Require them to rectify within a time limit and reissue relevant certificates and licenses

law enforcement "xujizheng, general manager of Yucheng bell new materials Co., Ltd., said that the personnel inspected the paint spraying workshop and found that there were many potential safety hazards in the workshop. In this pile of paint, part of it is oily paint, which belongs to inflammables and explosives, but next to it are two barrels of oil and water, which also belong to inflammables and explosives. According to the regulations, these items cannot be mixed and placed at will. Law enforcement officials said that these inflammable and explosive dangerous goods should be further increased in the popularity of a single brand and stored alone in the warehouse with cement walls. The indoor ventilation should be maintained, explosion-proof electrical appliances should be installed, fire-fighting equipment should be equipped, and it is required to be supervised by employees with dangerous chemical work permits. Law enforcement officers also found that there were more inflammable and explosive dangerous goods stored in the warehouse, and their storage and use were not strictly implemented according to the relevant operation methods. The law enforcement officers put forward a rectification plan to the person in charge of the workshop on the spot, requiring him to complete the rectification within a week, and obtain the relevant production license according to the regulations

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