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Baomeng: a strong shield behind wind power

at the just concluded Clean Energy Expo, baomeng's unique product display attracted the attention of many professional exhibitors. The central core exhibition area of the whole booth is a square exhibition stand, in the middle of which a white fan model simulates the operation state of the wind power site and keeps rotating. From the profile on one side of the model, it can be clearly seen that many parts of the fan are flashing with small lights of blue, orange, yellow and green. The four directions of the exhibition stand are also marked with these four colors, and four series of products are displayed correspondingly

the flashing small light corresponds to the application area of baomeng products. Visitors can clearly understand the application of baomeng products with similar concepts in the field of wind power, and can detail it in the corresponding display area according to the color. 4 The resolution of deformation measurement of the experimental machine refers to the minimum measurable accuracy of the measurement data of the photoelectric encoder of the experimental machine to understand the product "Yes.

baomeng displayed at this exhibition the encoder series for the speed feedback of the main generator; the sensor series for monitoring the braking system, rotation limit limit, yaw speed measurement, and measuring the bending deformation of the blades; the encoder series for yaw angle measurement and pitch angle measurement; the instrument series for gearbox oil temperature and oil level monitoring, and vacuum pressure monitoring on the blades, which fully demonstrated baomeng as a comprehensive solution to the wind power measurement and control technology The demeanor of the case expert

Mr. lizhenyu, managing director of baomeng China, said that baomeng has been involved in the wind power industry for more than 15 years. Through close cooperation with many companies in the industry, baomeng has created a number of unique product lines and first-class technologies, providing a perfect solution for the development of the wind power industry. Now, we bring these products and technologies into China, and constantly update our product series through the experience accumulated by baomeng over the years, so as to meet the growing application demand of the Chinese market and provide ideal solutions for many wind power manufacturers in the future

Mr. lizhenyu said that China's wind power industry has great development potential and will continue to grow at a high rate in the future. At the same time, compared with Europe, China's wind power industry has many unique characteristics, such as the rapid development of the industry, which requires many advanced products and technologies; The environment of wind power construction and operation is also very different. The requirements for the reliability, safety, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dust prevention and moisture resistance of products are very different from those in Europe

products with general standards can no longer meet the needs of the market, and many products need to be redesigned and manufactured. This is a great test of suppliers' ability to design and manufacture products, and whether they can quickly provide products and solutions that meet the needs. Mr. lizhenyu said that the output tension of baumengji control hydraulic cylinder has accumulated rich application experience in the field of wind power, and has designed and manufactured many special products for wind power that fully meet the needs of the Chinese market, such as hdmag wear-free through-hole magnetic encoder. Its bearingless design ensures that the encoder operates without wear all year round, and in terms of installation, it also simplifies the connection mechanism and improves the operation reliability; The main generator feedback encoder series products are mostly in the wide temperature range of -50 ~ 100 ℃, which can meet most of the requirements of the Chinese market. Baomeng has made many unique product designs according to the needs of the Chinese market, such as using light alloy or stainless steel materials to make a hard shell; Carry out special protective treatment on the surface, etc

at this exhibition, baomeng also exhibited its latest zhdm blade shape monitoring solution, which attracted the attention of many professional visitors. This solution for monitoring blade bending and torsion, icing and structural damage, and internal depth is the crystallization of bormeng sensor technology and vision technology, which can independently monitor the operation of fan blades. It is a new product developed by bormeng for the development of high-power fans in the future

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