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Analysis of China's food packaging machinery industry in 2007 according to the introduction of China Food Packaging Machinery Association, China's food and packaging machinery industry maintained a high-speed and stable development state in 2006, and the whole industry achieved an annual sales revenue of 828.38 yuan, an increase of 22.96% over 2005, which is the highest growth rate in recent years; The import and export delivery value reached US $807.16 million, an increase of 32.98% over US $607 million in 2005, of which US $2136.4236 million was imported food and packaging machinery, an increase of 6.8% over US $2billion in 2005, which is far lower than the growth rate of China's food and packaging industry, and far lower than the growth rate of the domestic food and packaging machinery market, indicating that some of the equipment that originally needed to be imported has been replaced by domestically produced equipment

in fact, China's food and packaging machinery industry has indeed made great progress in technological innovation and improving management quality in recent years. For example, reifenhuser of Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. believes that it will take six years to develop a 30000 cup per hour yogurt cup filling production line with independent intellectual property rights, with a maximum capacity of 40000 cups per hour, which is at the international advanced level. Although the price is expensive (9million yuan), the supply still exceeds the demand. The company's injection, blowing and bottle drawing equipment has also been successfully developed, and the market prospect is promising. This is a high-tech equipment, which used to rely on imports; The 33000 bottle/hour (600ml) PET bottle blowing machine independently developed by Guangzhou Dayelong has entered the market. The equipment is produced exclusively in China and can form a sterile filling line and form an industrial chain together with the company's billet making, water treatment and filling equipment; At the same time, we should also consider the problem of cost and production capacity. The high voltage developed by the national packaging and Food Machinery Corporation to avoid stepping on or leakage of electricity. The sterilization production line has passed the operation test and passed the appraisal. The product has been put on the market, and its drink tastes like fresh juice. The working pressure of the production line is 6000 atmospheric pressure. Ultra high pressure sterilization technology is known as a revolution in the food industry, and various developed countries are developing and researching it. The success of our production line has filled the gap of this sterilization technology. The company's potato chip production line also won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award

while meeting domestic needs, the export of China's food packaging machinery has also increased rapidly. The main reason why China's food packaging machinery can rapidly expand the export market is that it is of high quality and low price. For example, the 24000 bottle/hour aseptic cold filling production line of Jiangsu new Meixing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was exported to Otsuka company in Japan. The four production lines are worth 114 million yuan, which is much cheaper than Otsuka company's purchase in Japan. Otsuka does not trust the quality test frequency: 0.5 (5) Hz;, More than 20 people were sent to China for acceptance, and the results were completely qualified. In addition, the Japanese company has 6 lines of order intention. This is the first time that China's aseptic cold filling production line is exported in complete sets, and the user is a world-renowned company, indicating that China's aseptic cold filling line has entered the international high-end market

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