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Analysis of China's router market scale in the first quarter of 2008

in the first quarter of 2008, polyurethane can be seen everywhere in China, with 5.004 million new broadband users and a total of 71.468 million users, continuing to maintain rapid growth. All kinds of broadband applications in China have developed rapidly, especially broadband services such as video sharing and online games. Data show that China's network equipment market grew rapidly in the first quarter of 2008, with the market size of routers reaching 1.860 billion, an increase of 8.66% year-on-year

in the high-end router market, Cisco, Huawei and juniper have a market share of more than 70%. Among them, Cisco launched the compact convergence router Cisco asr1000 series application Convergence Router in the first quarter with its world-leading technology to maintain its leading edge in the high-end market. Ciscoasr1000 strengthens the performance of convergence and edge network of operators and enterprises, and integrates a large number of resource intensive enterprise applications including data, voice and video and consumer oriented service customization into a router platform. In the first quarter of 2008, Huawei and juniper also increased the launch of integrated router products to maintain their market share

in the medium and low-end router market, domestic manufacturers continue to occupy the leading position in the market by virtue of their price advantage. However, due to the participation of many second-line router manufacturers, the competition is very fierce and the profit margin continues to decline. Therefore, second tier manufacturers with strong strength have increased their research and development of high-end router products, trying to extend their products to the high-end field and expand the overall market share. The high-end router mp7500 launched by Maipu at the end of 2007 is a product mainly developed for the high-end market. Compared with Cisco's cisco7600 series and Huawei's NE40 series, its cost performance is more competitive. In the first quarter of 2008, Maipu's product became a sharp weapon to enter the high-end router market. Shanghai Boda also launched several products for the high-end Router Market in the middle of 2007: bdcomr7600, bdcomr7208, bdcomr7208e. Although these products accounted for a small market share of high-end routers in the first quarter of 2008, their cost-effective advantages were favored by some enterprise customers. More importantly, these products highlighted Boda's determination to enter the high-end market

on the whole, China's router market continued to maintain steady and rapid growth in the first quarter of 2008, which was mainly due to the steady growth of operator demand and the rapid pull of enterprise user demand

in the operator market, with the major broadband operators in China such as Chinatelecom and ChinaLink vigorously promoting fiber to the home, the sales of routers have increased rapidly, especially the high-speed routers with superior performance have become the key equipment purchased by major operators. Due to the growing demand for broadband services such as VoIP, routers with built-in VoIP functions have shown competitive advantages in the market. In addition, even if the structure is partially damaged, it will not cause a large-scale continuous collapse) China's third-generation mobile communication technology (3G) began its trial commercial operation in early 2008, and it is expected that the full-scale commercial operation will be carried out soon. The technological evolution and commercialization of 3G will increase the demand of operators for high-performance routers

in the first quarter of 2008, enterprise users have a large demand for all kinds of routers at the high and middle end. At present, network marketing, e-commerce and other businesses are favored by enterprise users, and enterprises have higher and higher requirements for their own network construction and network quality. As the core device of the enterprise, the enterprise router is represented by kn, and its stability and security are more valued. Therefore, from the sales situation in the first quarter of 2008, in the high-end market, enterprise routers are still controlled by a few manufacturers with technological advantages, and the sales are growing rapidly

China's router market will maintain a steady development trend in the second quarter of 2008.

at present, it is impossible to predict the strength performance of materials and components under variable loads by theoretical methods. First, integrated routers with integrated security and other functions will become the main products of manufacturers to occupy the high-end market. As network security has received widespread attention in recent years, routers with integrated firewall and other security protection functions have become the focus of research and development of major manufacturers. At the same time, users' requirements for routers have also shifted from basic functions to providing VPN, AAA Authentication, NAT, VLAN and other security functions. Integrated routers with multiple functions have become the mainstream of the market

secondly, wireless routers have become a new favorite in the middle and low-end market. With the rapid popularization of wireless broadband technology in China, the medium and low-end wireless routers for small and medium-sized enterprises, families and student users have broad market prospects, and they have become the focus of manufacturers' competition on medium and low-end products

third, operators and large enterprise users pay more attention to routers and their supporting solutions. For telecommunications, finance, education and other industries, users are no longer satisfied with high-performance products, but pay more attention to the supporting solutions that manufacturers can provide. Whether to provide targeted high-end router supporting solutions is the focus of high-end product manufacturers' competition

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