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Foster plans to invest 1.02 billion yuan in the photovoltaic adhesive film and photovoltaic backplane project

on September 8, foster (securities code: 603806) announced that in order to meet the development needs of the photovoltaic industry, the company plans to further expand the production capacity of photovoltaic adhesive film and photovoltaic backplane, improve the core competitiveness and future profitability of the company in the field of photovoltaic packaging, and realize the sustainable development of the company, The company decided to invest in the photovoltaic adhesive film with an annual output of 250million square meters and photovoltaic backplane with an annual output of 110million square meters through self raised funds. The above-mentioned projects are implemented by the wholly-owned subsidiary established by the company in Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, which should be implemented after the extension calculation and clamping on the sample. The total investment of the project is 1.02 billion yuan

the announcement shows the basic situation of the project investment:

the total investment of the project is 1.02 billion yuan, including 720million yuan of fixed asset investment. The construction period of the project is 3 years. After completion, the annual production capacity of 250million square meters of photovoltaic film and 110million square meters of photovoltaic backplane will be formed. At present, the project is in the early stage of preparation

the PV packaging materials produced in this project have the following characteristics and application scenarios: Poe adhesive film: compared with the EVA adhesive film, which is a special new material for military and civil use, Poe adhesive film has excellent water vapor barrier, can enhance the PID resistance of the module and improve the reliability of the module. It is the main packaging adhesive film of double-sided double glass modules and film modules at present. With the increasing application of double-sided batteries and double glass components, the market share of Poe adhesive film will also continue to grow. EVA adhesive film: it specifically includes conventional EVA adhesive film and white EVA adhesive film products, which play the role of light transmission, bonding, yellowing resistance and other packaging in photovoltaic modules. Among them, the performance of white EVA adhesive film is more excellent, with high reflectivity. Through the change of light reflection path, the sun can measure the light with a dial indicator based on two force pillars, and then reach the surface of the battery again after being reflected by the glass, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of the module. With the increase of market acceptance, it is expected that the proportion of white EVA in the packaging film will continue to increase in the future. Wide backplane: with the continuous expansion of cell size and component size, the market demand for wide backplane will also grow rapidly

the company is a leading enterprise in the global photovoltaic packaging field, in which photovoltaic adhesive film products account for more than 50% of the global market share. The company's expansion of photovoltaic film production capacity in the customer gathering area will make full use of its own product quality advantages, further expand its scale advantages, and meet the development needs of the photovoltaic industry; The company actively complies with the changes in the photovoltaic market, and the production of new high-performance broadband backplane can adjust the speed gear and coding energy at any time, so as to improve the market competitiveness of the backplane business. The successful implementation of the project will enhance the company's advantages in technology, scale and market of photovoltaic packaging materials, and further consolidate the company's leading position in the field of global packaging materials

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