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Futian heavy industry is involved in the field of loaders

Guide: Futian heavy industry group was founded in December 2003, the computer interface design of hydraulic universal testing machine. It was jointly initiated and established by Hebei Xuangong group, Futian enterprises and its subordinate Futian environmental protection power Co., Ltd., together with 50 strategic investors such as Shanghai diesel. The year 2004 is the most critical year for the new three-step development of Foton company, and it is the realization of Foton Heavy Industry

Foton Heavy Industry Group was founded in December 2003 by Hebei Xuangong group, Foton enterprises and its subordinate Foton environmental protection power Co., Ltd., together with 50 strategic investors such as Shangchai

2004 is the most critical year for Foton's' new three-step 'development and the first year for Foton Heavy Industry to realize its strategic start. The company should not only realize the internationalization of market operation and resource allocation, but also realize horizontal expansion in related industries, so that Foton development can achieve great improvement in both external expansion and internal growth

obviously, if the establishment of Foton Heavy Industry marks the formal involvement of Foton in the field of construction machinery, then the introduction of loaders is its inevitable choice for extension expansion in the field of construction machinery. 5. The statistical data of displacement sensor and force sensor shows that China has become a large loader production country, and its output last year has exceeded half of the world's total output

Foton Heavy Industry aims to enter the first competitive team of Chinese construction machinery manufacturers in the next four years. Among them, excavators should enter the mid-range market and produce a full series of excavators with high quality and medium price, leading the middle and low-end market; Loaders should be developed in a full range, occupy the market with low price and high quality, and occupy the leading position in the industry in the medium and high-end market; Bulldozers should be further extended up and down to occupy a leading position in the personalized market

Foton Heavy Industry has various resources available to develop the loader business. The comparative advantage is obvious

first, brand advantages. Under the Foton brand, the annual output of cars last year has exceeded 260000; In agricultural equipment, combine harvesters and tractors have achieved an ideal market position. The power of the brand can also be expanded on the loader

second, business combination advantages. The tuxedo Industry issued by Foton is relevant. The three businesses of Foton Heavy Engineering machinery, special vehicles and agricultural equipment should be shared in technology development, product engineering development, supply chain, product manufacturing, quality management and human resources; Distribution channels and service networks can rely on each other

the third is the advantage of technical support. Foton has cooperated with Germany Dai, especially in the construction industry, which is the world's top walking machinery company; In terms of production management, the Japanese expert team provides relevant support, "Toyota production mode" helps it realize the "lean" production of construction machinery

fourth, location advantages. Foton Heavy Industry has five branches, namely Beijing construction machinery branch, Beijing Auman special vehicle branch, Weifang agricultural equipment branch, Zhucheng motorcycle and Xuangong Co., Ltd., forming a regional structure of "one headquarters (Beijing) and two bases (Hebei and Shandong)", which will provide conditions for Foton Heavy Industry to build a competitive market value chain

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