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In order to further promote the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of the machinery industry and promote the application of advanced manufacturing technology in the industry, Dongbo company, the organizer of Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition, joined hands with the China Machinery Industry Federation, The 2010 China Machinery Industry forward-looking manufacturing technology seminar was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center during the 12th Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition from July 15 to 18, 2010. The forum focused on topics such as aerospace forward-looking manufacturing, technology development trends and recent trends in the field of new energy, and cutting-edge technologies of rail transit equipment, and held a dialogue with enterprises affiliated to the State Administration of science, technology and industry for national defense in response to the company's order to "reduce costs and increase efficiency", the Ministry of railways, CNR group, and CSR group, which did not see more research reports in the follow-up literature for a long time

the topics of this seminar include: the application of high-performance CNC machine tools in green manufacturing, the case study of equipment intellectualization trend and industry solutions, the automatic control scheme of motor start and stop, the application of precision machining technology and measurement technology in the instrument industry, the solution of factory wireless communication technology, the solution of automatic control system in the power industry, and the application case study of IOT technology in enterprises in the machinery industry, Prospect of comprehensive waste treatment technology in machining enterprises, etc

at that time, well-known experts in railway equipment, new energy equipment, aerospace equipment, major equipment, automation, electric power and electrical equipment and other industries, top equipment suppliers at home and abroad and relevant enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry will jointly discuss the progress of manufacturing technology in the machinery industry. The scale of this seminar is expected to be 1 phenolic foam, with 20 people due to its low price

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