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its service life and various excellent properties are more prominent than ordinary steel pipes. The performance of ordinary pipe is worse than that of internal and external plastic coated composite steel pipe, so it is not widely used.

the insulation structure of steel jacketed steel insulation pipe is divided into internal sliding and external sliding according to different sliding modes. 1. Internal sliding: the insulation structure is input (force arm) by the worker in the setting of the experimental machine as steel pipe, aluminum silicate, drag reduction layer, microporous calcium silicate, thermal insulation layer, stainless steel fastening steel strip, aluminum foil reflection layer It is composed of polyurethane insulation layer, outer steel pipe and external anti-corrosion layer. 2. External sliding type: the thermal insulation structure is composed of working steel pipe, glass wool thermal insulation layer, aluminum foil

reflective layer, stainless steel fastening belt and sliding, which is easy to cause very serious consequences; Medtronic is composed of spring dynamic guide bracket for shock absorption, air insulation layer, external protective steel pipe and external anti-corrosion layer

characteristics of plastic lined steel pipe: 1. It has excellent physical properties 2. It has excellent corrosion resistance 3. The mechanical strength is the same as that of steel pipe 4. It is hygienic and non-toxic, does not scale, does not breed microorganisms, and ensures fluid quality 5. It is resistant to chemical corrosion, soil and marine biological corrosion, and resistant to cathodic stripping 6. The installation process is mature, convenient and fast 7. It has good weather resistance, and is suitable for harsh environments such as desert, salt and alkali 8. The pipe wall is smooth, and the transmission efficiency is improved Long service life plastic lined anticorrosive steel pipe application field: 1 Chemical industry: process pipe and discharge pipe for transporting corrosive gas, liquid and solid powder in acid, alkali and salt manufacturing, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, chemistry, rubber and plastic industries. The directly buried insulation pipe not only has the advanced technology and practical performance that the traditional trench and overhead laying pipeline are difficult to compare, but also has significant social and economic benefits. It is also a powerful measure for heating and energy saving. Due to the ingenious design, simple installation, energy conservation and environmental protection, reasonable price and other characteristics, directly buried steam insulation pipelines occupy a position in China's insulation market, and the market demand of directly buried steam insulation pipelines in China is increasing, and the speed of development is very rapid. Plastic coated composite steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance and relatively small friction resistance. Meanwhile, epoxy resin coated steel pipes are suitable for the transportation of water supply and drainage, sea water, warm water, oil, gas and other media. However, the data processing of plastic coated steel pipe is based on the steel pipe, and a layer of plastic film is coated on the surface of the steel pipe. This layer of plastic film can be coated with liquid plastic or powder

plastic at the end of Foshan water supply plastic coated steel pipe manufacturer

. The plan of coating with powder plastic is to evenly distribute the powder on the heated steel pipe wall with special technology to form a hot melt film

plastic coated steel pipes inherit the respective advantages of steel pipes and plastic pipes, while discarding their respective shortcomings. One of the important contents in pipe design is to reasonably determine the wall thickness of the pipe according to the service conditions and requirements, and this parameter directly affects the cost performance of the product. The unique wall thickness design of plastic coated steel pipe includes the wall thickness of the inner plastic pipe and the wall thickness of the outer welded pipe, which determines a series of technical characteristics: the "the Belt and Road" conference was held, steel mills in Hebei and other places stopped production, and the price rose gradually. Some of its treatment processes have added a lot of help to its performance. We can take ordinary steel pipes and plastic coated steel pipes inside and outside for use experiments. We can know the benefits of its use. Today we will take a look at its main treatment process. The internal and external plastic coated steel pipes have higher and higher requirements for temperature. In the production of steel pipes, it is necessary to find an appropriate temperature. Only in this way can the performance of steel pipes produced be good. It greatly overcomes the defect of large linear expansion coefficient of other plastics and ordinary pipes. Large diameter plastic coated steel pipe is an upgraded cost-effective product of traditional steel plastic pipe and galvanized pipe. It has comprehensive characteristics, including high strength, high extensibility, good low-temperature brittleness, small expansion coefficient of steel pipe, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low fluid resistance and other advantages of plastic pipe. It belongs to a new type of water supply and drainage, anti-corrosion green large-diameter pipe. In addition, the zinc vapor in the hot-dip galvanizing process is easy to cause zinc poisoning to operators, During high-temperature hot galvanizing, the splashing of zinc ash and liquid zinc is also easy to scald the operators of Foshan water supply plastic coated steel pipe manufacturer, and the hot galvanizing causes serious environmental pollution. Through the plastic coating and corrosion prevention of steel pipes or galvanized pipes, the corrosion and scaling problems in the process of burying ordinary steel pipes and water transmission are solved. The phenomenon of pipe blockage and spray blockage is eliminated, and the service life of the pipe is improved. The service life of the plastic coated steel pipe is more than 50 years. The powder coating of plastic coated steel pipe is added with flame retardant and modified with epoxy resin powder. The coating has superior temperature resistance and will not burn or soften in long-term use

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