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Saudi Arabia has significantly raised the price of crude oil in Asia. Saudi Arabia's national oil company said on Thursday that it had raised the price of crude oil in almost all markets except the United States. The largest increase has been made to Asian customers, which is rare since april2015. This shows that Saudi Arabia expects Asian demand to recover

according to wall street news, according to Saudi Aramco's official sales price of crude oil shipped in June, among all grades of crude oil, the price of light and medium oil sold to the Far East will increase by $1.10/barrel, the price of ultra light oil will increase by $1/barrel, the price of heavy oil will increase by $0.90/barrel, and the price of ultra light oil will increase by $0.80/barrel

the price of ultra light, medium and heavy crude oil sold to the U.S. market was reduced by US $0.20/barrel. The price of light crude oil sold to the United States remains unchanged

in this regard, Bloomberg quoted Ehsan ul-h, a senior analyst at KBC energy economics in London, as saying that the refining demand is expected to pick up. The crude oil shipped in June will arrive in Asia in July. At that time, the refining demand in the region will rebound with the end of the seasonal overhaul. Saudi Arabia may also consume more crude oil in the summer, because domestic electricity consumption will generally rise in the summer

Saudi Arabia is actively competing for the Asian market. According to Reuters, at the end of April, Saudi Arabia sold 730000 barrels of crude oil shipped in June to Shandong Jingbo Petrochemical Co., Ltd. This is the first time Saudi Aramco has sold spot goods to Chinese private refineries, marking a new stage in the Asian market competition. In previous years, Saudi Arabia usually sold crude oil by signing contracts with a term of more than one year, and rarely carried out spot trading

Saudi Arabia is the most powerful in Asia. According to our needs, we can select load deformation, load time, load displacement, displacement time, deformation time curves and experimental data for printing; The opponent is Russia. Russia surpassed Saudi Arabia for four months in March this year and 2015, ranking as the largest oil supplier to China

a senior trader who has done transactions with Saudi and Chinese importers said:

for Saudi Arabia, supplying Chinese private refineries with cash shows that it wants to fight back against Russia, because the latter is the main supplier of these refineries. And it is telling other oil producing countries, especially Iran, that Saudi Arabia is willing to fight a hard battle for Asian market share

this tough battle can be clearly seen from the failure of the Doha Conference on April 17 to reach a production freeze agreement. The countries that originally agreed to attend the meeting all hoped for the highest accuracy of the ball screw willing to freeze production. However, Saudi Arabia suddenly changed its mind before the meeting and strongly requested Iran to participate in the freeze production. However, the latter has always explicitly refused, leading to the abortion of the freeze production agreement

behind the mouth guns of Saudi Arabia and Iran, the two major oil producing countries are increasing their output. Saudi Arabia's output in April was 10.15 million barrels per day. Reuters quoted sources as saying that it may increase to 10.5 million barrels in the next few weeks, close to the record high

in fact, except Saudi Arabia and Iran, many Middle East oil producing countries are actively increasing production

as the market predicts that the global supply will shrink with the reduction of oil production in the United States, the international oil price has increased by more than 60% since mid February. Most of these additives are inorganic high molecular materials (such as amines or waxes). This month, the price of Brent crude oil rose sharply, and Brent crude oil is now above $45 a barrel

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