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Japan's TOCOM rubber futures closed lower due to the decline in rainfall in Thailand

on January 13, TOCOM RSS3 rubber futures closed lower, pressured by profit taking, the market found an index from the weakness of crude oil and regularly changed the portfolio cushion. At the same time, the decline in rainfall in major rubber producing areas in Thailand also put pressure on the market

An analyst from Yala said, "in the past two to three days, Thailand's total mining volume has been regulated by the state, and rainfall in the southern rubber producing area has been scarce." Rubber prices rose sharply this month, boosted by concerns about the decline in production caused by rainfall. A trading executive in Bangkok said that the decline in rainfall was a signal for investors to take profits

traders believe that the recent resistance level is 30 data per kilogram. The insulation resistance between the power line and the chassis of the tension machine is>2mq; The travel switch is flexible; When the test load exceeds 2%~5%, the upper and lower collets move to the limit orientation and the working piston of the hydraulic testing machine rises to the limit orientation, 0 yen

tocom benchmark June rubber contract closed down 3.3 yen at 296.6 yen per kilogram, touching an intraday low of 290.4 yen

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