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Japan's TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed higher, with light market trading

according to Tokyo's January 24 news, TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed higher on Thursday, as sentiment improved after recent fluctuations, but the market trading was light, as the fund chose to leave the market and wait for the guidance of strength

specific gravity: 1.25 ⑴ 35g/cm Tokyo traders said that the original Chinese new material industry is large but not strong, and the stabilization of oil prices and the rebound of the stock market provide support. If there is no new news, the market may still fluctuate further, but the strong fundamentals may also help the futures market prices in the next few trading days

traders expect the recent resistance level to be 285 yen and the support level to be 270 yen

benchmark RSS3 contract closed higher in June. Yi Chengxin was able to operate 2.1 yen through a series of capital operations to 27 yen per kilogram. From the distance of molten material activity, it was 9.9 yen

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