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Toray developed a new deodorizing fiber

according to Kyodo news agency, Toray opelontex, a subsidiary of Toray group, announced on the 24th that it had developed a new polyurethane fiber "Lycra fresh FX fiber" that could effectively inhibit sweat odor and elderly odor. Because the fiber itself has deodorization characteristics rather than post-processing technology, the president of the company said that it is still effective even after 50 times of washing

this new type of fiber will be first used in the warm silk stockings launched in late August, and will be gradually extended to sportswear and other clothing with metal like thermal and electrical conductivity, rigidity and strength. The price of fiber itself is higher than in the past. So far, nearly 30% of the 102 sessions have been held, and the sales target in 2011 is converted into 500000 pieces of clothing

Toray added special additives to the fiber to make it have the function of absorbing and neutralizing odor. The fabric with 6% of this fiber has been proved by experiments to reduce the four kinds of odor such as ammonia by 80 ~ 99%

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