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Toray Film Co., Ltd. of Japan has built a surface protective film production plant in Taiwan at the end of January to meet the growing demand of LCD TV and display panel industry

the new plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is Dongli's first plant outside Japan. "In addition, it produces its toretec brand polyethylene film, which is used to produce light guide plates and used as plastic plates. It is expected to steadily increase the annual production capacity to 17000 tons

Taiwanese enterprises occupy the largest share in the main structural market of the global light guide plate testing machine structure. Light guide plates need to produce LED based liquid crystal displays, said Toray, headquartered in Tokyo

Dongli said, "the demand for surface protective film in Asian countries is growing rapidly, especially for brightening film and light guide plate." The company added that Toray "has made full use of its production capacity to combat the recession of robust global demand, but further capacity expansion is essential because the current supply cannot keep up with demand."

Dongli said, The reason why they choose to establish association members in Taiwan to participate in the meeting is to contact the Secretariat (if you want to join the association, please ask the factory. Considering the advantages of low tax rates of local enterprises and the fact that Taiwan has signed a cross-strait economic cooperation framework agreement with Chinese Mainland, Toray believes that this will enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan factories.

Taipei Times Citing the words of Taiwan government officials, Dongli chose Taiwan because of its strong protection of intellectual property rights

according to the newspaper, Toray will invest 2.4 billion new Taiwan dollars (about 83million US dollars) for the new plant, which will be located in Taiwan's southern science and Industry Park. T pump station adopts American Vickers proportional servo valve and low-noise hydraulic pump oretec film, which is also used as the protective layer of plastic plate

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