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Marvell has redefined the concept of "connected family" in the market for more than 20 years. However, its wide popularization has taken longer than everyone thought. For a long time, the deployment of connected homes seems to be relatively limited to a few high-value devices in the home. Moreover, usually, these devices are very complex to deploy and inconvenient to operate. Maximum molding shrinkage: 3.1 (7) 7% importantly, they are not a common system, but a combination of separate subsystems provided by different suppliers

even though home automation can be implemented through smart and tablet computers, due to the decentralized market, all aspects of automation technology installed at home are still based on their own proprietary mechanisms and need to be controlled using separate applications. Therefore, in practice, home automation systems are often inconvenient, which will make operators feel frustrated, which undoubtedly hinders consumers' adoption of them. The decentralization of industries and the lack of interoperability between different supplier ecosystems have made it impossible for consumers to truly take advantage of the interconnection capabilities of all different platforms

in this regard, the industry has been proposing a variety of innovative solutions, hoping to further increase the attractiveness of consumers for the use of home automation equipment, and accelerate its extensive deployment in the future. The solution proposed by apple is homekittm technology, which aims to integrate all systems in different vertical fields into a single integrated home automation ecosystem and ensure that the system can work together easily and safely. Homekit accessory protocol (HAP) allows the hardware of different suppliers in the home automation system to communicate with Apple products (iPhone, iPad, apple watch) through a single, consistent and complete platform. This can be achieved through wireless technology (such as Bluetooth low-power technology) and IP connection. Homekit hardware and software technology involves a wide range of "behaviors", such as selecting playlists of audio systems, turning on lights in specific rooms, remotely starting household appliances (such as washing machines/dryers), adjusting heating and cooling devices, and activating access control systems. However, since all these functions can be controlled through the apple home application or Siri (rather than multiple applications), they can now work together. For example, it can be set so that the lighting equipment will turn on when the curtain is pulled down in the room, or the ambient lighting can be changed according to a specific music playlist

marvell, by supporting apple homekit, is at the forefront of the family development of the maximum load energy when a new generation of smart recording specimen breaks. Our Wireless SoC device series has always been in a leading position. Three years ago, it was the first in the industry to obtain the original HAP specification certification, and recently obtained the homekit accessory agreement version 9 (HAP R9) specification certification. Low power 88mw30x IC is equipped with integrated microcontroller Lee Kuan Yew and cortex-m4 processing core respectively, and also has single band IEEE 802.11n Wi Fi function. The biggest change this time is that our soc has obtained icloud implementation certification. Users can use icloud to remotely access and remotely control homekit adaptive devices through voice and homekit applications. In this way, OEMs serving the home automation market can make their systems more convenient and seamless through icloud. In this way, more application scenarios become possible. For example, people can use AP small spring fatigue testing machine on the way to work. Equipment features: ple home application (or Siri voice control) to remotely start the thermostat and adjust the heating or cooling functions, so that when they return home, the room temperature is just right

marvell's solution is called Marvell EZ connecthap software development kit (SDK), which can speed up the implementation of home automation accessories for homekit, accelerate the design cycle of OEM customers, and enable products to be put into the market faster. In addition to 802.11n Wireless connection, the added bridging function also allows interaction with devices using other RF protocols such as low-power Bluetooth technology. For example, Marvell cooperates with a leading low-power Bluetooth technology supplier to provide a reference design of composite modules, which has been commercially applied through our module supplier azurewave. We attach importance to security, encryption and memory partitioning, and can realize secure wireless firmware upgrade. Therefore, customers' applications can run safely through external fast memory and realize dynamic encryption at the same time. Our software development suite also supports Amazon's AWS cloud platform and Google's weave cloud platform, which can be used as alternatives. In addition to the software development kit, Marvell will provide OEMs with all necessary promotional materials to help their products pass the homekit certification program as smoothly as possible and enter the market as soon as possible. Marvell will also provide users with practical project cases for reference

marvell believes that in order to achieve a smooth home automation user experience and develop industry-leading software functions that support apple homekit, robust software solutions play a crucial role. This belief leads us to always be at the forefront of the industry

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