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Marvell and MICROSEMI push up the integrated Ethernet power supply solution

Marvell, the global leader of integrated chip solutions, announced that Marvell's leading public board reference design integrates MICROSEMI's power over Ethernet (POE) power sourcing equipment (PSE) and is equipped with software solutions. Marvell provides complete chip solutions, including mobile communication, storage, IOT, cloud infrastructure, digital entertainment and home content delivery, as well as the research and development of kinoma software, and continues to promote smart Li, including the vision of handsaw Fe and smart lifestyle. Marvell's cooperation with MICROSEMI will promote the wide application of IOT and other contacts, including wireless access points, 4g/lte small base stations, sensors, IP cameras and lighting

the popularity of etalon has promoted the adoption of Poe, and promoted various smart network applications and the embedded sensor industry. Poe is the most widely deployed technology in the environment of large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. This cost-effective technology enables better communication and cooperation, making management easier without sacrificing the characteristics of rapid deployment

10gbe/2.5gbe/1gbe secure, high-density and intelligent switch solutions based on Marvell prestera DX packet processor series are used for access points/edges, as well as the network aggregation layer of campus, industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and service providers

Ron Cates, senior director of Marvell product marketing, said: the reference design of production level and the software and hardware closely integrated with ecosystem partners have shortened the time to market for ODM and OEM manufacturers. Marvell prestera DX packet processor and Alaska Ethernet PHY, combined with MICROSEMI Poe, are the leading existing Poe solutions in the industry. Iris Shuker, marketing manager of MICROSEMI Poe, said: MICROSEMI is honored to provide this highly integrated Poe equipment to realize the PSE solution supporting ieee802.3bt. The solutions of Marvell switch, phy and MICROSEMI Poe are integrated to reduce the overall cost and create the best solution in the industry for large and medium-sized enterprise markets. The sixth generation power supply end equipment (PSE) of MICROSEMI integrates a capacitor in each connection port to realize the design of high efficiency and low dissipation with extremely low resistance (less than 350mohm). This architecture provides up to 95 watts of power per port. This solution is compatible with iee802.3 standards (802.3af and 802.3at) and supports IEE 802.3bt through software upgrade

equipped with MI, this kind of influence has a high probability of happening in the experiment. The reference design of crossemipoe equipment and Marvell Prester ③ separating the power line from the signal line a DX switch has been completed

marvell will show its exchanger solution during Computex (Taipei International Computer Exhibition) from June 2 to 5, 2015. This solution is one of Marvell's award-winning and diversified series of products that will cause changes in cable outer diameter, so as to promote cloud services to the entire industrial ecosystem and promote the innovation of today's smart devices

about Marvell

Marvell maywell Technology Co., Ltd. provides the world's leading integrated chip solution and kinoma software to promote the vision of smart life and smart lifestyle. Whether it's mobile communication, data storage, IOT, Cloud Architecture, digital entertainment or home digital content, Marvell designs various solutions based on the industry's highest performance, security, stability and execution efficiency. The solutions provided by Marvell have gone deep into major consumer platforms, networks and enterprise level systems to help countless business partners and customers take the lead in wisdom and innovation, and create excellent performance and public image. By providing mobility and helping users obtain high-quality value-added services in social, personal and working life, Marvell has spared no effort to improve the quality of human life

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