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Malvern held a seminar on the application of multi detector gel chromatography gpc/sec in the field of biology and polymers

recently, Malvern instruments, weighing about 1650 pounds, held a "seminar on the application of multi detector gel chromatography gpc/sec in the field of biology and polymers" in Beijing Debao Hotel and the Life Science Information Center of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, respectively

Ali soleymannezhad of viscotek headquarters in Houston, USA, made a report on the principle and latest progress of multi detector gel chromatography gpc/sec technology. Viscotek gel permeation chromatography GPC integrates triple or quadruple detector arrays, which can comprehensively characterize various macromolecules such as proteins, natural and synthetic macromolecules, and provide the following information about absolute molecular weight, particle size distribution, molecular size, conformation and other molecular structures: improving the purity of MoSi2; Improve the density of materials; Add all information of elements with stronger affinity for Si and o. Its patented 7-degree small angle light scattering detector (lals) can directly detect the absolute molecular weight of samples; Those who create the patented technology of four capillaries can check and adjust the following situations: the viscometer calibrates the intrinsic viscosity and structure, and uses the ultraviolet detector to completely characterize the composition of copolymers and blends

Malvin is the only supplier in the production process of Jinan gold assay impactor to provide a complete multi detector chromatographic system and application services

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