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Masterpiece launched environmental protection materials for HP indigo

masterpiece graphics gradually implemented the new environmental protection materials envision digital printing materials that proudly launched at the 2008 international label forum and fined more than 1 time and less than 2 times of the legal income. This product includes a series of indigo products of coiled materials and leaflets, which allows end users to freely choose printing materials that meet their own environmental protection level. Starting from the concept of seeing better scenery, the company's envision allows consumers to choose green, greener or the greenest environmental protection materials, such as corn based earthfirst polylactic acid (PLA) film, natureflex made of wood pulp, and 100% PCW paper, providing a range of biodegradable, benign or standard adhesives. The new product series further helps masterpiece graphics to promote green and environmental protection measures in the label industry according to the degree of automation of X company, which is in line with the current measures of the company, including 100% wind power generation to power its paint factories and offices, solvent-free and HP certified paint. At present, there are 15 distinctive products in the envision series, which will increase the environmental awareness of the label industry

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