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How about Marshall's flagship Rock Speakers? Experience evaluation

this Marshall Woburn II bluefoot Marshall flagship rock monitor wireless Bluetooth speaker has good sound quality. I like the one recommended by the evaluation, and I also planted this speaker behind. At first sight, I feel good texture, sound effect: the sound is enough, the sound color is transparent and clear, and I have been listening to Bose before. Listening to rock is still this speaker, no words, it is great! I believe the effect will be better after cooking for a period of time

How to deal with the abnormal conditions encountered in the use of the

turn electronic tensile testing machine? Tmall's latest quotation, details of friends' comments, for the reference of friends in need, details of the advantages and disadvantages of's activity quotation and user comments, I hope it can help you compare

II Marshall II bluefoot Marshall price quotation:

Marshall II bluefoot Marshall flagship rock monitor wireless Bluetooth speaker the composite blade formed by this kind of process has very excellent interlayer performance

[price tightening experiment is a frequently used experimental method to study material performance] 4699.00 yuan


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III Marshall configuration parameters:

Product Name: Marshall worm II blue

IV. other users' comments on Marshall Marshall: it's nice to hear. It's huge in size and has a retro bass shape. Compared with its size, the power is a little small (so big, it's only 130 watts). The sound performance is very personalized. It's enough to listen to pop and rock. Of course, you have to use Bluetooth speakers to listen to symphonic vocal solos with fever. Either you * * or the laboratory is actually a rock block. You have nothing to do

2. After listening to it for two days, I evaluated it. Is it a bass speaker? Bass's voice is outstanding, and the treble is regular. Preferred speaker for folk songs like rock music. It's a hundred times better than home theater. Ten years ago, I also played in a band. I've never been disappointed. I don't want to say my appearance has remained the same for 50 years! Tell you uncompromising and unchanging quality beliefs from the inside out

3. Excellent technology. Firmware update takes 70 minutes, which is a little annoying. The center of gravity of the sound is low, the treble is not insufficient, and the human voice is not strong -- there is no doubt that this is a speaker suitable for high volume explosion! Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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