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on May 10, 2010, the teachers and students of the automation School of Xi'an University of science and technology gathered together to listen to the technical lecture sponsored by jiusiyi company, the latest application of automation software industry development and no strong magnetic field interference. Fu Zhouxing, Dean of the Institute of automation, attended the lecture in person and spoke highly of it

[Xi'an University of science and technology]

the lecture is based on promoting the dissemination of the latest technology of configuration software on campus, combining industrial field experience with classical theories, and introducing the development trend and cutting-edge technology of the automation industry to students, so that everyone can understand the basic knowledge of configuration software and grasp the basis of Net platform, so that students have a vivid understanding of the general process of engineering project design and implementation

the campus lecture is to grasp the future, and the campus is easy to control first. The content of the large-scale series of activities into the campus makes it coincide with the main goal. The lecture was held in 19 colleges and universities across the country in 2009, with an audience of more than 2000 people. It was deeply welcomed by teachers and students, and was selected by the media as one of the top ten marketing events in the automation industry in 2009. Opening a breakthrough in the classification and recycling of domestic waste

[Guangdong University of technology]

[Xi'an University of technology]

since 2010, campus lectures have been held in Guangdong University of technology, Xi'an University of science and technology, Xi'an University of science and technology, thanks to the joint construction of "one belt and one road" University of technology and many other famous universities, which have been warmly welcomed by teachers and students. Mastering the future, the campus is easy to control first, and other activities such as campus configuration software design competition and school enterprise joint laboratory are also being carried out in a hot series of campus activities

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