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The mass line leads the cross-strait family to solve "homesickness"

the mass line leads the cross-strait family to solve "homesickness"

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"homesickness is a shallow strait. I am on this side and the mainland is on the other side." on April 15, a letter from Baodao Taiwan was sent to Loudi Hualing LIANGANG in central Hunan. Because the address didn't exist decades ago, Huang Ying, a cadre of LIANGANG Discipline Inspection Commission, and Yuan Lingli, Secretary of LIANGANG Zhenxing trade and industry company, searched for it in many ways, and finally found the recipient. A letter with feelings on both sides of the Taiwan Strait finally found its destination

a "letter from home" across the Strait

on the morning of the 15th, the mailman of Shuangling building of Lianyungang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. held a letter sent from Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The address on the letter only read "Ms. Zeng XX transferred to Zeng XX from the bridge store of Lianyungang iron and Steel Group", and the "bridge store" was a unit decades ago. The original location was replaced by the current bridge square, and the addressee may have retired according to the age

just as the mailman was about to return the letter, Huang Ying suddenly thought that if the letter was returned, the old man who sent the letter might never contact his relatives in the mainland again. Associating with the mass line practice activities currently carried out in Hualing LIANGANG, I decided to use the contacts of the mass line education practice activities to help this old man who had never known him overseas complete his wishes

a messenger activity to practice the mass line

5. Good flame retardancy. After combing in many ways, the "bridge store" on the letter address was originally affiliated with LIANGANG Zhenxing trade and industry company. Huang Ying immediately called the manager of Zhenxing trade and industry company and learned that yuanlingli, the Secretary of the trade and industry company, had a better understanding of this history. Yuan Lingli immediately organized personnel to check personnel files, without any clue. After consulting the retirement Office of Zhenxing company, the superior unit, the answer was that there was no such person. Several people with slightly similar names made careful inquiries according to the contents of the letter, and all of them were fruitless

after combing the historical background at that time, the people present suggested that the recipient might be transferred to the environmental protection branch of Zhenxing enterprise company or LIANGANG Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Huang Ying asked he Qing, the organization director of LIANGANG Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., to help find many ways. Through repeated screening and contact confirmation of people with similar names, the recipient could not be found. At a time when everyone was at a loss, Yuan Lingli said that through the memory of a retired employee who used to work in a trading company, there was such a person as Ms. Zeng, the recipient. After several twists and turns, I finally found the addressee, Ms. Zeng, through an insider

at this time, when everyone called Ms. Zeng many times with high expectations, they never answered. Finally, Huang Ying sent Ms. Zeng a text message about the receipt of letters from Taiwan. Chemical manufacturing enterprises showed their best technological innovation ability. Ms. Zeng called back. It turned out that Ms. Zeng was traveling abroad and enjoying retirement

Ms. Zeng repeatedly called it magic in her letter to Huang Ying. Ms. Zeng said that this was a letter forwarded to his father by her 80 year old uncle, whom she had not contacted in Taiwan for many years. Now the original work unit sent in the letter has long ceased to exist. Before her retirement, she changed three units and the number several times. During the period, she tried to contact, but there was no message. Unexpectedly, she received this letter from her relatives in Taiwan today. Standardized fixture adapter sleeve "it's really amazing, thank you so much." At this moment, Ms. Zeng has been unable to suppress her excitement and said repeatedly

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