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Before the color masterbatch industry joined the WTO, "charging"

The Color Masterbatch professional committee of China Dyestuff Industry Association was anxious for the urgent needs of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and prepared for a rainy day. On the occasion of China's accession to the WTO, it successfully held a two-week learning class, which received good results and was deeply welcomed by people in the industry

the color masterbatch industry in China is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. After China's entry into WTO, these small and medium-sized enterprises will face fierce market competition, and some enterprises with low technology content, poor production management and unstable product quality will be difficult to survive. In order to improve the technical level of small and medium-sized enterprises, the Color Masterbatch professional committee made full use of the rich educational resources of Beijing University of chemical technology. The universal experimental machine, the vertical manual spring tension experimental machine, is a simple one of the tension machines. This class was held. Technical personnel with long-term practical experience and engaged in the research and production of color masterbatches and the use of soluble materials to enhance tissue regeneration were specially invited to teach, and practical operation Performance test, organize students to visit domestic advanced color masterbatch production enterprises

with the development of plastic processing industry, the supporting Color Masterbatch industry has also ushered in new opportunities for rapid development. According to incomplete statistics, the average annual growth rate of domestic color masterbatch industry reached 25% from 1990 to 2000. Industry insiders predict that the average annual growth rate will reach about 22% in the next five to ten years, which is much higher than China's average annual GDP growth rate. Faced with such a rapid development speed, domestic color masterbatch manufacturers should make great efforts in research and development, technology promotion and service, market value of $2billion by 2021, and training compound talents, so as to seek greater development in the fierce market competition

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