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Maserati's new family model was launched with Tencent eco car service Tai

on November 19, at the mmxx Maserati brand night and the new family launch ceremony, the new family model led by President, Ghibli and Levante was unveiled, which also brought a new real-time Internet Intelligent experience. All the new families are equipped with Tencent eco car service Tai, which includes a series of on-board information entertainment and service applications: intelligent voice assistant, on-board audio entertainment product "Tencent fun listening" and on-board light application platform "Tencent small scene", which brings users safe, efficient and pleasant digital content and services that show more band adjustable photoluminescence effect and optical limiting effect

Bo Jiaming, managing director of Maserati China, said: "since entering the Chinese market in 2004, Maserati has always been concerned about the needs of Chinese consumers and found that Chinese consumers are more accustomed to 'Internet'. Therefore, we have been trying to make every Trident car 'real-time Internet' and give it more driving fun. Therefore, we believe Tencent is Maserati's ideal partner." As the first imported super luxury car brand to use Tencent eco car service Tai, Maserati joined hands with Tencent this time to further upgrade the in car service, which also reflects the in-depth thinking on the needs and usage habits of Chinese consumers' on-board digital services

Tencent eco car service Tai is a cloud based and continuously upgraded intelligent vehicle solution, which can organically combine Tencent's rich social ecology, content ecology and service ecology with car scenes

in the cockpit, through the voice assistant, you can wake up the whole vehicle interconnection system with the voice command of "Hello Martha", and you can also manage many functions and applications of the vehicle, such as navigation, temperature control and vehicle settings. "Tencent fun listening" aggregates a large amount of audio content inside and outside Tencent ecosystem, such as music, reading, Himalaya, etc., and can provide customized and multi category audio entertainment services, such as enjoying current affairs, music, audio books, etc., to meet users' personalized entertainment needs

"Tencent small scene" is an on-board light application platform specially built for driving scenes. It is based on cloud updates, does not need to download and install, and supports voice interaction, which is more in line with the usage habits in the driving environment. At present, Tencent small scene has covered content, entertainment, social networking, car owner service, life service, travel and other service applications, and can continue to update and upgrade the cloud, constantly bringing new types and applications to Maserati users

(first from the right: Zhong Xuedan, vice president of Tencent smart travel)

Zhong Xuedan, vice president of Tencent smart travel, said: "through cooperation with Maserati, we hope to bring Tencent's social ecology, entertainment ecology and service ecology, which are familiar and loved by Chinese consumers, into Maserati's car cabin, and constantly expand the value of cars as' the third living space '."

with the introduction of Tencent's on-board ecosystem and rich in car application system, Maserati's new fixture and clamping surface protection family will provide in-depth services that cover the needs of a complete digital life and a more real-time and interconnected driving experience for car owners once a year, making the journey full of fun, usually using mineral oil with medium viscosity. It is reported that the various services and applications covered by Tencent eco car service Tai products will continue to expand. In the future, Tencent will continue to help car enterprises build a rich in car digital ecosystem, do a good job in the "digital assistant" of car enterprise transformation, and create more novel and wonderful digital services for users

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