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Master Kong invested heavily in the mainland beverage market

two years later, beverage will become the company's main commodity. Master Kong Holdings announced on the 13th that after assessing the mainland's economic findings and market demand, it decided to spend $62million, equivalent to nearly NT $5billion, and invest in nine automated beverage production lines from bottle making, filling to warehousing

Master Kong has not only doubled the expansion of beverage production lines for three consecutive years, but this is the second time this year that Zhejiang Province has invested heavily in the development of key materials for integrated circuits, advanced semiconductor materials and new display materials in the field of new generation information technology. Investment in beverage production equipment is responsible for the intrinsic reasons of the machines in use, and the total annual investment has reached US $130 million. Master Kang pointed out that the beverage industry in the mainland has great development potential. The company will follow suit. In addition to expanding the normal temperature beverage line, it will also set up refrigeration production bases in Tianjin and Guangzhou. It plans to enter the fresh milk market, where the operating threshold is quite high. The mainland beverage market is in a high growth period. Master Kang has expanded its production scale in multiples for three consecutive years. In the middle of this year, Master Kong has invested US $68million to expand 15 beverage PET production lines. In the first three quarters of this year, Master Kong still needs to purchase nearly 200 million bottle bodies, and it will cost nearly US $30million a month to subcontract. However, even so, the market is still in short supply

after assessing the economic development and market demand trend of the mainland, Master Kang believed that beverages would become the focus of the company's business in the future, so he decided to convene an interim Board of directors and increase nine beverage production lines, from the most open PET bottle manufacturing to the automatic warehousing operation system before leaving the factory, all in one-stop operation, with a total investment of US $62million

Master Kong now has 67 beverage production lines. After the addition of new equipment, it will expand to nearly 80 production lines, of which the PET production capacity will exceed 15million boxes per month. The beverage industry has become the most promising business of Master Kong in the future

in fact, Master Kang dares to invest heavily in the beverage market. In addition to focusing on market development and reducing production costs through plant expansion, it mainly relies on the 50 year basic technical support of Weiquan. Considering that refrigerated beverages are the future development trend, Master Kang decided to expand the refrigerated production base, build refrigerated production lines in the existing beverage bases in Tianjin and Guangzhou, and gradually build a refrigerated beverage production and sales platform with Hangzhou, Tianjin and Guangzhou as the base of refrigerated beverages

in addition, Master Kong has built a demonstration farm in Anji, Zhejiang Province, and is preparing to enter the fresh milk market on a large scale and establish the market scale of refrigerated goods, with the intention of avoiding unnecessary losses and widening the gap with competitors

Master Kong said that its beverage business has doubled its revenue and profits, and the market scale is close to instant noodles. If the market continues to expand and new production equipment is put into operation, Master Kang's beverage will surpass instant noodles and become the main commodity in two years

Wei Yingzhou, director of Master Kong Holdings, has said that Master Kong will develop into the largest comprehensive food factory in China in the next decade. At present, Dingxin group is integrating the resources of its companies to play a key role in winning

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