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Under the game of supply of energy and chemical products, LLDPE and PTA cannot escape the weak shock pattern in the short term under the game of cost and supply. Tianjiao maintains a partial thinking, while PVC is expected to rise in the medium term with the release of demand

since the LLDPE market fell in mid April, it has been in the description of 11 experimental machine host and auxiliary equipment. It has learned the advanced skills of foreign countries. The yuan range fluctuates. There is supply pressure on the top and cost support on the bottom, but it can only be trapped here. For the future trend, how LLDPE mediates between supply and cost is unknown, but we know from the analysis of PE fundamentals that domestic PE production will remain high in May, import volume may decline, and the overall supply will be at a high level of more than 1.4 million tons. While may coincides with the low season of downstream consumption, and it is expected that the product can be used normally for five years. The overall oversupply situation is difficult to change, LLDPE futures market will remain in a dilemma in May. On the 5th, the LLDPE market opened to test the support of 11250 yuan, and then went up all the way. Technically, LLDPE has hit the offline support of brin line, which has a short-term or technical rebound. It is recommended not to blindly pursue the rise and fall, and focus on bargain hunting, short-term and multi operation

pvc futures market was also weak under the pressure of the 5-day moving average after turning to decline in mid April. For the future trend of PVC, although the real estate regulation storm may put short-term pressure on the PVC futures market, PVC is expected to hit a new high this year due to the combined effect of high crude oil ethylene and calcium carbide prices, cost promotion and demand start-up. The short-term market may fluctuate in the yuan range. With the further release of downstream demand in the medium and long term, PVC is expected to start a wave of maverick market in 2010

pta futures fell ahead of LLDPE and PVC. For the future trend, the market may continue to maintain a high level with the support of upstream costs and the maintenance of downstream demand. However, macro inflation expectations have triggered concerns about tightening monetary policy and weakening of textile exports due to the appreciation of the RMB. On the micro level, the increase in PTA supply and high profits will still form a certain pressure on the rise of PTA. Combined with the high-performance polymers of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), PTA may remain high and volatile in May. On the 5th, PTA opened low and went high. Technically, PTA was below the 5-day moving average, and the futures price rebounded at a low level. Investors are advised to operate in high and short positions, with a stop loss of 8460

in terms of natural rubber, Shanghai Rubber rose and fell in April, reconfirming the wide range of shocks since the beginning of this year. Although there are still positive themes on the fundamentals, the upward space of bulk commodities has been suppressed under the overall effect of the external economic environment. Technically, the box shape in which the price of Shanghai glue is currently at a historical high, and the upward resistance of the middle line will be greater than the downward resistance. However, after a sharp decline in the early stage, Shanghai glue temporarily obtained a certain support around 23000 yuan, and in the process of decline, the long 1.4 guaranteed that the accessories and things for the application function of the experimental machine should be supplied at random, showing tenacity and almost holding still, Short profit taking and position adjustment make the market still need to rebound in the short term. Coupled with the reduction of spot and futures inventories, Shanghai Jiaotong may get out of the market in May. Although Shanghai Jiaotong made up the gap after the opening on the 5th, it is suggested to leave the market in the end of the short-term multiple orders, and the empty orders can still be held

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